Yamamoto Twins

Yoko and Toko Yamamoto AKA "The Yamamoto Twins" (b. 1995 [15] Shinjuku, Japan) are a pair of teenage Japanese schoolgirls under the employ of Belinda Von Hammer at the Foxwart Hall medical retreat. The twins are instructed to "exorcise" the evils from the captive Katz/Hammill/Stephensonsen people. To acheive this the twins usually fill a pair of tube socks with oranges and belt their victims across the shins while dancing and singing to the stylings of Lady Gaga. The twins are scared off by Todd Katz when he arrives to rescue his family.

The Twins are also students at Bradbury High School and capture the interest of David and Seth Stephensonsen becoming their girlfriends and eventual wives down the road. The twins are also orphans, as their parents have apparently been held captive and forced to illustrate anime.

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