Winged Twilight

Winged Twilights is a Race, Companion & Summonable Creature mod by AlanovichRomanov and is available via the Skyrim Nexus.

Winged Twilight
Author AlanovichRomanov
Release Date 1 May 2015
Type Race, Companion, Summon
Available On Nexus Mods
Requirements None
Table of Contents

Mod Contents

Winged Twilight contains two .ESP files; one is to play as the Winged Twilight Race and the other contains the spells to conjure the Twilights as well as two Winged Twilight companions Zorya and Sirius who can be found praying at the Shrine of Azura. The mod also adds a placed boss encounter with an Arch Conjurer near Lower Steepfall Burrow near the Haafingar coastline.

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