Twin Suns Rise

Twin Suns Rise is a quest appearing in the Anna NPCS mod-pack for Skyrim. It revolves around the recruit-able companion, a Bosmer warrior named Elyndra, who is a squire seeking full knighthood into the Order of the Twin Suns.

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Quest Details

At Raven's End Cave you will encounter a dead Hagraven and should notice a lever. Pull the lever and enter through the opening that has been revealed, upon entering you will notice three "spies" having a conversation concerning an assassination attempt on Jarl Elisif the Fair. Once their conversation is over the quest will prompt you to confront them, next you will be told to converse with Elyndra on whether or not to kill or take the spies to the Jarl to face justice. Killing them then and there will earn you a loss in approval from Elyndra, and subsequently end the quest chain.

If chosen to spare the spies, they will become temporary followers and will accompany you to the Blue Palace to face the Jarl's justice at court. Once at court, speak to Elisif and she will question the spies before having heard enough and ordering the guards to take them away to dungeons. Speaking to Elisif again will prompt you to choose a boon for helping deter a potential assassination plot. You can choose to accept gold as a reward or choose nothing, both of these will subsequently end the quest chain here. Another option is to pass up the reward to Elyndra, stating that she 'informed' you of the imminent danger. Elisif will speak to Elyndra and declares that she has passed the final test toward full knighthood and will ask everyone to appear in the Cathedral at the Temple of the Divines.

At the Cathedral, Giddeon the priest oversees Elyndra's knighting ceremony as Elisif has her take a knee and recite the oath. Once the ceremony is over, you will be prompted to speak to Elyndra again she will thank you for helping her achieve knighthood and asks if she can repay you, after selecting a response the quest ends.

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