Tunock is an humanoid reptilian/bird-like alien servant of Lady Vile, he first appeared in the 1996 SDV of Outer Space Scouts.

Schoolyard Drama Version

The SDV of Tunock was similar to the other versions in that he was a tall muscular bird-like alien with brown skin and wore his traditional loin cloth.

Movie Version

The movie version of Tunock was much different from the SDV version in that he wore metal armor in place of his skin and wore his usual loin cloth over his armor/skin. He also had pitch black eyes with red irises, instead of his bloodshot look giving him a more menacing appearance.

Comic Version

The comic book version is a unification of both versions of Tunock, he first appears in the "Firearms saga" sporting his traditional SDV look, however by the "Memory Wave Arc" he looks as he would in the live-action movie.

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