The Raven

Draven Dark also known as "The Raven" is a fictional supervillain and master geneticist. The Raven was originally a lecturer and professor at the local university that Archaiel Maxwell attended and often thought of him as his prized pupil. After having being saved by Archaiel from the deadly Blood Red, he became increasingly obsessed with him and coveted not only his youth but his supernatural powers as well.

The Raven
Continuity Meteo
Aliases "Raven", "Dark Raven"
Age 25 (Biologically 70)
Birthday October 31
Sex Male
Race White/Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'11"
Weight 150 lbs
Occupation Lead Geneticist
Affiliation Self

Origin Story

Dr. Draven Dark was a professor at the local university where Archaiel Maxwell had attended classes, and was in fact at one point Archaiel's favorite teacher. Being an expert on most things scientific, Draven taught classes on biology both human and non-human, and lectured on physics and scientific theory. Little did anyone know however was that the wise old professor was losing a age old battle with a terminal illness, one that had a family history passed down through his genetics. He had been seeking a way to reverse his condition, but to no avail until one fateful night the psychopathic villain Blood Red went on a rampage about the campus and proceeded to block Draven inside his lab and attempted to murder him until Archaiel Maxwell came to his rescue and subdued the villain long enough to escape with Professor Dark. It could be theorized that from that moment on the spark to reverse his crippling condition had forever been lit by both the intervention of a crazed mass murderer and his top student Archaiel Maxwell.

Dr. Dark donned a pitch black suit and wore a mask of a bird's head covering his face and dubbed himself "the Raven", based off of his favorite Edgar Allen Poe tale. Even at age 70, Dark was determined as ever to accomplish whatever goals he had set for himself and proceeded with investigating the "criminal's graveyard", a murky swamp in a forested clearing where the remains of countless supernatural criminals were unceremoniously buried in unmarked graves. He unearthed the remains of the demon/incubus Raziel as well as Shadrach, Alaksos, Aria, Orgullo, and Jarmara, all of whom were deemed "too controversial" for formal or public burial.

Raven successfully resurrect Raziel and promptly informed him that he was now working for the Raven. After discovering that the cloning process was a success he cloned a youthful version of himself and set up the events that would begin the D-Day saga.


Draven Dark was a renowned geneticist and a master of theoretical physics and delver into the unknown, however at the age of 70 he was dying a slow painful death to a terminal disease. Unsatisfied with the prospect of death, Draven made many attempts at cloning himself until he finally uncovered the genetic recipe and masterfully cloned a younger version of himself. He had supposed that the clone was stunted at 25 years of age, which in Draven's opinion was the prime of his life. He managed to swap his consciousness with the clone and revealed his existence to his arch-nemesis, who legitimately believed that the Raven was dying.

My Soul To Take

After the events of the Dark Age had transpired and a new galaxy was formed as a fail-safe during the crisis, The Raven managed to keep his original personality and memories in tact by teleporting via the Tesseract and managed to obtain samples of cosmic residue left behind by the Supreme Bean and his Twin Brother, but left the task of resurrecting a primordial Azath to the newly resurrected/cloned Super Soldier Squadron elites, who had previously been killed by the Dark Sentry's Nega Soldiers.

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