The-Rapy is the second episode of Maulie Friends, and premiered in the winter of 2003.


Cover Details

The cover featured Darth Maul, Padme and Ishpoo the Ewok standing together with Maul holding up Padme's top and pointing in a victorious manner while Padme crosses her arms over her breasts and looks irritated at Maul.

The cover headlines for Episode 2 are: Working hard and looking strange, Palpatine. Good clean fun bra and panties matches galore!

Featured Characters


The episode opens up with T-Bone briefing Maxine Windu (Mace Windu in drag) on his mission to "kill the young one" and "steal the eggs". T-Bone affirms Mace only for him to correct him with "Maxine", who states that he will kill them all with his hot pink lightsaber.

Next Maul is shown relaxing alone until Padme storms in and demands that he come to bed. Maul refuses and Padme asks why not and Maul replies with "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Later it shows Maxine decapitating a battle droid dressed in drag and affirms that it may call him "Bunny". Next Fattricia is shown staring blankly at the TV and continually says T-Bone's name in a droning manner. T-Bone's urination is interrupted by Fattricia's calling and when he finally checks in on her she complains that the remote is not working. Fed up with her laziness, T-Bone smashes the television set and quits, but not before Fattricia inquires upon the status of the remote once more.

Next Maxine is shown holding a gun directly at Yoda's (in drag) forehead who misinterprets the action as Maxine showing interest in his dress. Maxine pulls the trigger and shoots Yoda point blank before declaring that his breasts are "fake anyhow".

Maul is shown brushing his teeth in the bathroom with Padme standing in the doorway watching him and complaining that it is her bathroom. Padme begins to strip in order to gain Maul's attention and lures him out of the doorway and locks him out of the bathroom. A pair of Ewoks spy on Padme as she undresses and startle her causing Maul to chainsaw the bathroom door down in attempt to "save" her (see her naked). Disgusted by Maul's transparent attempt at lechery, Padme declares that he needs therapy, with the Ewoks speculating that they were the ones who needed therapy. Next Peg barges into the bathroom and announces herself to be a "therapist". Maul feigns attraction to Padme as a ploy to get Peg to leave, who simply lights up a cigarette and says "I don't mind" despite Padme's cries for privacy.

Next the couple is taken to "Peg's Bondage Playground" where we see Obi Wan being branded by Miss Ani who implores him to call him "mom". Padme dressed in a leather zipper-lipped "gimp" mask believes that the experience could be fun while Maul wonders if she is insane. Peg greets with couple wearing her hair up in a ponytail and sporting tufts of facial hair and numerous facial and ear piercings. Peg asks what the couple has on their mind and Maul says "death". Maxine arrives on the scene and startles Peg so badly that her hair/wig flies off revealing her to be bald and to actually be Sinead O' Connor. Maxine immediately initiates Super Dominatrix mode and hits Peg/Sinead with a Karma-a-harma Sutra wave, destroying her.


Hours later apparently having replaced T-Bone, Fattricia repeatedly calls Porterhouse's name to get his attention (who complains that it is the 30th time in 5 minutes). Fattricia begins asking Porterhouse a series of food-related questions, demanding to know the whereabouts of her Boston Creme Pie, her Chocolate Souffle, Doughnuts, Chicken-fried Tuna, Liver and Onions, and apple pie. Fattricia begins going into convulsions and T-Bone arrives confirming that she is having a "food attack". Porterhouse displays relief at T-Bone's return, however the latter states that he merely returned to get his "pez collection". Once Fattricia is hooked up to an Intensive Care Unit, T-Bone demands 10 CC's of fried chicken and Padme beckons Maul to sleep with her only for him to state he is not "in the mood".


  • This is the first appearance of Maxine Windu who would later make a few appearances with his trademark line, "They're fake anyhow".
  • This is Porterhouse's first and most prominent appearance.
  • This is Obi Wan's last appearance until a small cameo at the end of Episode 8.


  • The character "Peg" is a spoof of the Goof Troop character, "Peg Pete" who was a successful real estate agent with a fiery temper.
  • Sinead is obviously a parody/reference to real life Irish singer Sinead O' Connor.
  • Maxine's Super Dominatrix mode and Karma-a-harma sutra wave are nods to Dragon Ball Z; specifically the Super Sayain and the Kamehameha.
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