The Pilot

The Pilot episode of Maulie Friends AKA "Episode I" premiered in the fall/winter of 2003.


Cover Details

Maulie and Friends Issue number 1 features Palpy on the cover wearing a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses on his forehead, a spaghetti-strap top and a necklace that says "Grrlpower" while winking and smiling at the camera and making a peace sign with his free hand.

The headlines for Issue one are: Padme & Maul: the wedding's over and so is the honeymoon. Palpy: back and older than ever!!!

Featured Characters


The Episode opens up with a scene depicting Maul and Padme at their "post-wedding" reception commenting on the strange attire of Palpatine. Maul complains that he hates nightclubbing only for his new wife to ask him to try to enjoy it for her sake, Maul wonders why he should even bother only for Padme to violently threaten him "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Later at the Drag Club, C3PO (in drag) complains that he has lost his tip jar while Anakin complains of being tired of the "unpopularity vote". Obi Wan dressed in a tight-fitting white miniskirt and a hot-pink halter top with a star-shaped cleavage cut out approaches the bar and is offered a "lime Ricky" by the hostess Palpy. Obi Wan and Anakin begin their routine onstage completely dressed in drag, and Obi Wan speculates this is their moment of fame. Meanwhile the Emcee mistakenly announces Anakin as "Miss Ani".

Later Fattricia the Hutt is at the nightclub/post-wedding reception and complains of needing more food. Her manservant T-Bone assures her that she just ate, however she threatens him with physical violence unless she is brought more food. Nervous and running out of time T-Bone visits head chef Mario in the kitchen, who upon hearing the Hutt's gluttonous demands for more food, quits on the spot leaving T-Bone in a dire situation. Having zero experience in cooking T-Bone frantically searches through all of the cupboards in the kitchen and throws everything together to create a disgusting gelatin-like dish and reluctantly offers it to the hutt. Fattricia eagerly consumes the entire plate and exclaims that it was "divine".


Padme asks Maul if he is going to strip/dance for her only to be interrupted by the loud introduction of Mr. Feng-Shui, who claims that everyone in the club needs more equality. Hours later reveals T-Bone, Fattricia, Maul and Padme to be wearing the same dark robes along with high heels. Miss Ani arrives and catches the interest of Mr. Feng-Shui who immediately claims that he and "she" will be a number one team. Meanwhile Crock the Crocodile and Mousy the Mouse examine Ani's breasts to determine that they are fake and ultimately reveal to Mr. Feng-Shui that she is a he. Miss Ani force chokes Mr. Feng-Shui to death after his secret is exposed ending the episode with Crock and Mousy singing "More than a woman" together.


  • This is the first time that Anakin is referred to as "Miss Ani", a moniker that would stick with him throughout the series' run.
  • From this episode onward Palpatine is always seen in full drag, having convinced himself he is a woman.
  • T-Bone and Fattricia make semi-regular appearances from here on.
  • Episodes 1, 2 and 8 are the only issues to feature Obi Wan.
  • Episode 1 is also one of the extremely few instances where Ani is seen using actual darkside powers or any force powers at all.


  • The idea of the Mr. Feng-Shui character comes from the 3rd Rock from the sun episode "Red, White, and Dick" where the Solomon family adopts the "Equality System".
  • Mario is an obvious reference to the main character of the Super Mario Bros. franchise.
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