*Real Name: Fenton Willis
*Current Alias: Stinkbug
*Identity: Secret
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Cobalt City
*Gender: Male
*Height: 5'8"
*Weight: 160 lbs
*Eyes: Brown
*Hair: Black
*Skin: White


Fenton Willis worked at a bank as a manager until his bank was robbed by a local gang. Fenton took his aggression out on the security guards, claiming that they had not done their job, only to discover that they were in on the robbery. Fenton's boss, outraged that such nefarious criminals had infiltrated his establishment, fired Fenton and had him replaced. Fenton disguised himself with a modified blue beetle-looking costume that he had worn at a Halloween party one year, arming himself with a pistol and a spray gun filled with a nasty smelling gas, Fenton robbed the bank that he used to work at only to be foiled by Moth Man.

Powers & Abilities

None Known

None Known

Strength Level
Stinkbug is about as strong as a person his height and weight that rarely ever works out.


  • Stink Gun: Produces a nauseous gas that can cause the victims to vomit
  • Skunk Spray: A special gun that can cause the opponent to stink for days on end, making it easier to detect their presence (smell).
  • Mechanical wings: Stinkbug has crafted himself a pair of mechanical bug wings to use in order to flee from enemies.
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