Solari Crystal

The Solari Crystal is an extremely rare and mystical gem that holds the key to awakening one's true power.


The Solari Crystal origins from Dimension 7 an alternate reality/planet where Malik Croyer is from and where the Crystal Wars took place.

Duty as the Seer

Despite being the "Keeper of the Crystal" Enchanter can combine his mental prowess with the crystal's intellect and become the "Seer", he is able to judge a person's goodness through the power of the crystal.


The crystal itself has the ability to grant wishes to its beholder, however they are not always in the form that is expected. Most everyone who has interacted with the crystal has become changed for better or for worse. Milo Spunkmeyer interacted with it and was allowed to hold it and became Captain Speedo, a thong-wearing superohero. Other who have tried to touch the crystal but were rejected such as Bear became supervillains bent on retrieving the crystal for themselves.

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