Adam Volk did not always have a special power to create shockwaves & seismic waves. When he was younger, he was admitted to the Leibermann institute for gifted children, where his parents hoped he would grow into someone important. However, scientists soon discovered that young Adam had a waning sixth sense, an esp factor. Many tests were conducted on Volk, but it wouldn't be until he was nineteen where he met Dr. Dark, a scientist who would take Volk to the next level of the psychic field.

Volk was placed in a test where his life was in danger, an ensuing wave of energy splashed toward him and his secondary nature acted, causing Adam to unlock his sixth sense and be able to absorb the energy and dish it out in the form of a devastating shockwave. With the help and guidance of Dr. Dark, Volk mastered his powers and realized that he could just take whatever he wanted because the rest of the world was weaker than he.

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