Roseanne Repulsa

Roseanne Repulsa is a fictional character from Maulie & Friends based on both comedienne Roseanne Barr and fictional evil doer, Rita Repulsa. Roseanne's initial appearance was in Episode III: "Ani goes psycho" as a one-time guest character with a bit part. The scene containing Roseanne and her minions was retained due it relating to the comical scene where Palpy infiltrates a gay aerobics studio in order to hook up with the young men that are there.

Differences between original and 2012

While not an important character, Roseanne Repulsa was tweaked significantly for the Odyssey 2012 remake.


In the original "Ani goes psycho" episode, she appears as an evil villainess named Roseanne Repulsa makes plans to take over "Uranus" when just 10 minutes later she is shown to be dangerously overweight and out of breath and clamoring for her tuna. Her loyal henchwoman, Vraxer agrees to fetch Roseanne's tuna for her while addressing her as "Miss Fatso".

2012 Remake
Her stint is retained in the 2012 remake accept for a few changes. One Roseanne Repulsa gains a new look making her resemble Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty more than Rita Repulsa of Power Rangers. Secondly rather than rant about her tuna, Roseanne demands that her minion Vraxer, go to down to the planet in order to secure the earth vote for her 2012 election campaign. She does not appear morbidly obese and scantily dressed 10 minutes later as she had in the original, however the remake retains an extreme close-up shot of her drooling mouth saying "good" as it had in the original.

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