Reality Life

RealityLife is a 2008 web comic created by Blix using the engine. The series is set up in a fashion similar to Sunday comicstrips and revolves around a group of several characters, each either related or unrelated to the next.

List of Characters
*Jim Shu -A successful lawyer turned reality star
*Terry -A ghost actor and star of "Leave it to Terry"
*Violin Girl -A random non-sequitor who usually appears yelling: "NEEDS MORE FEELING!"
*Steve Snell -Terry's roommate and co-star of "Leave it to Terry"
*C00ldude89 & NeoCloud2008
*Carl -An overworkd canine businessman, he has resorted to using medical marijuana in order to cope with the stress in his life.
*The Captain
*Susan -Jim's onscreen wife, in reality she is unrelated to the Shu's.
*Stan Carlisle -Carl's overbearing boss
*Assistant Lady
*Moxy -A single felinid woman, she is desperate in finding a male companion
*Linda -Moxy's BFF, she is usually responsible for Moxy's blind dates.
*Tony Pastrami
*Mike Mikowsky -the local sherrif
*Cara -a security guard who aspires to become a real cop
*Sam -an executive working on Jim's reality series

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