Pink Side

The Pink Side is supposedly an aspect of the force and is revered by sith lords such as Palpy as being the most powerful and fashionable side of the force.


The origin of the pink side of the force remains unclear; unlike your traditional dark side and light side, the pink side does not have a typical back story. Palpy comments that the pink side was used by those who were extremely popular, very fashionable, and were too cute to be seen by normal eyes.

The pink side of the force is often glamorized by people like Miss Palpy who treat is as more or less an excuse to act like a snob and spend senate funds on ridiculously expensive outfits and accessories.


Palpy claims that the pink side is steeped in murky pinkess, he claims that a great event known as the "Hundred-Year Pinkess" occurred more than 4000 years ago, where young pink siders turned on their masters for looking "cuter" than them and promptly disposed of them and began a vicious modeling campaign where the remaining apprentices repeatedly one-upped each other through means of fashionable smear ads. Apparently the climax of the event came when everyone everywhere had worn every single combination of bad and good fashion in existence, leaving no new fashions to be worn and shown off.


It is unknown exactly how or what the pink side is supposed to be used for or in what context it is actually used (for example; dark side corrupts and light side enlightens). The pink side of the force seems to be nothing more than a glorified excuse to dress in drag and (attempt) to convince others that you are a woman (or a man). No unique skills or powers exclusive to the pink side have ever been displayed unless dressing in drag is somehow a composite of the pink side of the force, then it is most likely just an idealist's moniker for a gay version of the gray side of the force.


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