Palpy AKA Palpatine (sometimes referred to as "Madame Palpy" or "Miss Palpy") is a recurring character in Maulie & Friends, and an ally to Miss Ani.


Residing on Coruscant (from Naboo originally), Palpy started out as a politician in order to support himself as he attended fashion school (some many years prior to the Phantom Menace), making him the oldest freshman in his school. While at fashion school he met Plaguey, a lecturer and professor of fashion. Palpy and Plaguey's fashion
styles were at one point similar as Plagueis valued the old style of conservative dress, while Palpy was green and inexperienced with good fashion.

Eventually through their combined interest of fashion and cross-dressing, Plaguey introduced Palpy to the pinkside of the force and forced him to walk around in public in 12" stiletto high heels and a backless dress while on a cold, ice planet. After having passed his fashion evaluation, Plaguey made Palpy a Sick Lord of the Pink, a title honed by all practitioners of the pinkside.

As the years passed by Palpy eventually became a senator representing his home world of Naboo, although he was embarrassed about coming from a "farm world of hicks" and lied, claiming instead that he came from "Planet Hollywood". Eventually Palpy grew tired of his master's obsession with dated styles and obsolete trends, stating that dressing like a lumberjill is not good fashion, and killed Palguey by tossing a plugged in toaster into the hot tub while he was in it.

Some time later Palpy lured Maul into his van with the promises of ice cream and candy, but really just wanted to use him as a makeup dummy. After having finally passed his fashion exam, Palpy decided that he no longer had any need for a makeup dummy and decided to dispose of Maul until he realized that the young Zabrak could make a good ally as he was very limber and physically fit and could possibly work some ballet into their routine. For his test, Maul was dressed completely in drag and forced to walk a tight-rope walk over a pit of ravenous fat women fighting over items in a bargain bin. Maul barely passed his test and was made a Sick Lord of the Pink, and Palpy's first apprentice.

As the years passed, Palpy sent Maulie on numerous clandestine missions in order to hijack expensive cosmetics, designer brand shoes, and a manuscript for an eight un-filmed Harry Potter movie. Palpy and Maul's relationship was very much like the one between Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) and Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) from the film "The Devil wears Prada". Palpy used Maul primarily for his flexibility, and his ruthlessness; being able to successfully fend off a pack of feral fat women at a Black Friday sale. Eventually the time came for Maul to assassinate Padme the then Queen of Naboo, however the plan failed and Maul was bisected by Obi Wan, and Palpy was unable to take Padme's place as the Queen.


Palpy always dresses in drag, in fact since his debut in Episode I: "The Pilot" Palpy has never not been seen in drag. Palpy commonly wears more conservative "old lady clothes" (as Ani calls them) compared to his apprentice, and favors chiffon styled fashions.


Despite being inherently evil, Palpy is generally a pleasant person and easy to get along with. He dotes on Ani like a motherly figure, and often bestows many pearls of elderly wisdom unto the youth. Palpy insists on being referred to as "she", "her" and a "woman", a young woman no less. He will however not hesitate to use his elderly age to his advantage when trying to get goods and services for a discount as well as moving to the head of a line for tickets or a concert.



Madame Plaguey - Palpy's Master and fashion lecturer, Plaguey is responsible from bringing him to the pink side and getting him interested in women's clothing.

Dookie (former) -Palpy's second apprentice, already familiar with the pink side and having worn women's shoes in public before (to see if anyone had noticed), he was disowned by Palpy for being too old to look "hip" and was replaced by Ani.

Miss Ani -Palpy's third and current apprentice, Ani is by far the most fashion-forward and most ruthless of any of Palpy's apprentices. Miss Ani takes looking good extremely serious, in fact he deems looking hot to be more important than staying alive, as a sexy corpse can still turn a quick profit.


Yoda -Assumed Palpy and Yoda do not get along like in the movie, however Yoda has been shown to dress in drag (Episode II) and engage in promiscuous behavior.

Maxine Windu -Dislikes Maxine for constantly trying to one-up him, he also dresses in drag full-time but is not a sick lord of the pink.

Padme -Dislikes Padme, even once tried having Maul kill her so that he could take her place as Queen of Naboo.

Maulie (former) -Palpy's first apprentice, originally used as a makeup dummy. Palpy used Maulie's ruthlessness to get state of the art cosmetics before they were made available to the general public. He also used Maul to steal other items such as purses, shoes and wigs. He abandoned Maulie when he was "killed" by Obi Wan on Naboo. Palpy dislikes Maulie now for being a disgrace to good fashion and a traitor.

Cover Appearances

Episode I: "The Pilot" (1st Cover appearance)
HPIM0324_zps52c1cbda.jpgEpisode VIII: "The AARP Team" (2nd appearance)
HPIM0368_zps379a5784.jpgEpisode IX: "Basic Dragonomics" (3rd appearance)
HPIM0369_zpsd313d69a.jpgEpisode XII: "Of love and Saline implants" (4th appearance)
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