*Real Name: Vick Powers
*Current Alias: Oil Slick
*Identity: Secret
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Cobalt City
*Gender: Male
*Height: 6'0"
*Weight: 153 lbs
*Eyes: Black
*Hair: Black (Sometimes White)
*Skin: Black (When in Oil form)


Oil Slick, once known as Slick Vick was a snake oil car salesman and was infamous for his fraudulent deals. He ripped off a crime lord, who sent his goons after Vick, eventually chasing him into an oil factory where he would stumble and fall into an oil vat, becoming the super-villain; Oil Slick.

Before totally turning to a world of wanton crime, Oil Slick turned his attention to the mobsters who wanted him dead in the first place. Slick infiltrated and destroyed all of crime lord Joey Pastrami's henchmen, and tosses Pastrami into the polluted lake, leaving him alive to spread the word that the Oil Slick had arrived. Oil Slick had his first encounter with Moth Man during an international car heist. Slick and his men were in the middle of stealing several twenty-five thousand dollar Japanese cars, in a plot to illegally modify them in order to bolster car sales for himself.

Powers & Abilities


  • Oleokinesis: Oil Slick can manipulate his own body into a moving mass of oil, or spout bursts of oil from his body.
  • Shapeshifting: Oil Slick can switch back and forth from his human form and his Oil form at will.

None Known

None Known

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