Mr. Trick

Jack Hallow aka Mr. Trick is an already established Super Villain in the Moth Man continuity. Mr. Trick was one of the first citizens of the Dark City to turn go Super Villain after the Heckler's campaign. Mr. Trick wears a jack o' lantern on his head, and is usually armed with poisonous candies and other goods that are meant to distract people. His main crimes so far have been money laundering, and counter-fitting.

Mr. Trick was employed by the Calendar Group as "Mr. Halloween", and had a trick-or-treat theme. He occasionally pulls off bank heists with the help of his assistant, Ms. Treat. Mr. Trick dresses in very distinguishing clothes, wearing an obnoxious orange plaid coat over black slacks, and a bright orange tie, he also carries a cane resembling a pumpkin.

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