Miss Ani

Miss Ani AKA "Anakin Skywalker" is a recurring antagonist and occasional main character in Maulie & Friends.



Anakin supposedly became Miss Ani under Palpy's guidance and tutelage, much like how he became a dark lord of the sith. Anakin's very first appearance as Miss Ani is in the Episode 1 of Maulie & Friends "The Pilot", where he is shown to be competing onstage and in drag along with his former master Obi Wan. It is here that Anakin is first referred to as Miss Ani and continues to use the name exclusively from then on.

Miss Ani is essentially Anakin, albeit more twisted and perverted having been exposed to and drunk off of the Pinkside of the force. As Miss Ani, Anakin is 100% self-serving and indulgent, and does not care what others think of him so much to the extent that he is not above making a spectacle of himself in public, or acting out in a crazed/maniacal manner in order to get his way.


Miss Ani's most recurring trait is the trademark green bikini he wears in almost every appearance beginning in Episode III. In his earlier appearances Miss Ani would also wear his padawan braid in conjunction with the blond wig he would always wear, however as of season 3 he has removed the braid.

Unlike Palpy, Ani seems to get away with posing and acting as a woman most of the time and even manages to fool a fair percentage of people who will either shower him with roses or projectile safes. A recurring gag in Maulie & Friends is that whenever Miss Ani begins to strip tease in public a heavy object such as a "safe" or an "anvil" tracks him down and knocks him unconscious, landing him in the hospital and eventually rehab for an unknown duration.

Also in contrast to his master, Miss Ani will actually go out of his way to appear more feminine despite the fact that his face retains very strong masculine features.


In addition to the above, Miss Ani is extremely greedy and jealous of anyone who remotely looks better than him. As a person who is addicted to "looking good" Miss Ani is in constant need of being in the spotlight (often to the dismay of others). While being on the Pinkside of the force, Miss Ani is still largely a "Sith" or "Dark Jedi" as he is not above killing someone for looking at him the wrong way or enacting threats of physical violence upon someone for not complimenting his outfit enough.


Throughout the run of the series Miss Ani has had many relationships good and bad, with various co-stars and minor characters. Below are more detailed examples of such relationships.


Obi Wan -Ani's original master, it is arguable that it was Obi Wan and not Palpy who got Ani involved in drag, however since the latter appears in drag much more frequently than Obi Wan it is generally assumed that he had more sway in the matter.

Miss Palpy - Ani's current master and mentor, it was supposedly Palpy who got Anakin to turn to the pink side of the force. As an apprentice, Ani greatly respects his master's knowledge and wisdom of the force, however as a pink sider he is not above insulting or even attacking Palpy for attempting to know more about fashion than he.

Atton -A prodigal to the Pink Side of the Force, Miss Ani and Palpy train Atton in the ways of attention whoring and good bad fashion.


Maul -Ani hates Maul for reasons unknown, however the death of Leopold seemingly justifies Miss Ani's hatred of Maul.

Padme -Miss Ani despises Padme for looking "cuter" than he and wants nothing more than to tear her down.


Leopold -Ani's first boyfriend shown in the comics, he was a muscular man who often relaxed in the hottub at Ani's place. He was transformed to look like Miss Ani and wield a lightsaber through means of Pink Alchemy and was sent to spy on Maul and Padme for reasons unknown. He is eventually spotted and beheaded by Padme.

Reynart -A public trashcan and Miss Ani's second boyfriend, he is met when Ani is making an inappropriate display at a park one night and proceeds to ride upon the trash can like a "cowgirl". The two date exclusively and become an item rather quickly until rumors of Reynart's infidelity surface, causing Miss Ani to confront the lowly trash can making a public display at Palpy's behest. Later while on the reality TV show "Cheaters", Miss Ani catches Palpy making out with Reynart and angrily scolds both of them before engaging Palpy in a demonstration of Pinkside powers.

Alek -Before he became "Malak", Alek met and became enamored with Ani believing him to naturally be a woman and never doubting it until the truth is later revealed by Revan.

Odyssey 2012

Miss Ani's overall appearance in the originals is more or less retained in Odyssey 2012 with only a handful of minor changes being made, mostly for continuity reasons. Miss Ani's story from "Ani goes psycho" to "THAT time of the month" is compressed into a single volume and his focus of getting revenge on Maul becomes the majority plot of the comic.

Cover Appearances

Bad Girls (1st cover appearance)
HPIM0343_zps422925fe.jpgAni goes Psycho (2nd cover appearance)
HPIM0333_zps8cb6fcd5.jpgAARP Team (3rd appearance)
HPIM0368_zps379a5784.jpgBasic Dragonomics (4th appearance)
HPIM0369_zpsd313d69a.jpgOf love and Saline Implants (5th appearance)
HPIM0371_zps157cd1b3.jpgOdyssey 2012


  • Ani's padawan braid was worn on the wrong side of his head during the duration he had it in the early episodes of Maulie & Friends. Ani's braid hanged to the right, when it should have been on his left side — this was corrected in the Odyssey 2012 remake.
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