Killer Bee

*Real Name: Amanda Carmichael
*Current Alias: Killer Bee
*Identity: Public
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Cobalt City
*Gender: Female
*Height: 5'0"
*Weight: 87 lbs
*Eyes: Green
*Hair: Yellow
*Skin: White


Mandy Carmichael hails from a wealthy family down in the valley, and got bored with school and life in general. Her father was wealthy from the family honey that he had been manufacturing for years, seeing beekeeping as a possible hobby, Mandy sought to find out more.

Mandy got stung by a bee, but not any ordinary bee, a killer bee. Fortunately she survived, however she was not quite the same afterward. Mandy developed a backpack that sprouted bee wings, and a thorax that was equipped with venom-filled stingers. Mandy proclaimed that she was now a "Killer Bee" herself, and decided to have fun with the people of the city.

Powers & Abilities

None Known


  • Entomo-telepathy: Chemical reaction with multiple bee stings allows Killer bee telepathic communication with a variety of bees, with this she can mentally command a swarm of bees to attack enemies or act as a distraction.


  • Equipment: A backpack that acts as a harness for Killer Bee's wings
  • Thorax that fires poisonous stringers.
  • Pollen Bombs

Strength Level
Killer Bee is about as strong as a female sharing her stature, who does not take part in athletic activities.

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