Gay Ghetto

Gay Ghetto is a location in Calisoma (basically California). The town is exactly as the name implies it to be; a crime-laden ghetto however heterosexuals are a minority and the majority of crimes committed are by homosexuals.

Notable Inhabitants

The Gay Overlord

AKA Mr Lynch is the defecto leader of the Gay Ghetto and is the head of an assimilated gay crime organization (more commonly known as the "UGO".)

The 69ners

The 69ners are a gang of burly rowdy gay youths who enjoy vandalism and arson, they are a big problem for Mr. Lynch.

Saul Greenwood

Saul Greenwood or "Woody" as Captain Speedo often calls him is the owner and bartender of the Pink Tiger tavern on Pink Street. He lives in the apartment loft above the bar with his newly acquired boyfriend Milo Spunkmeyer AKA Captain Speedo.

Uncle Chang

Uncle Chang is the owner of "Chang's Noodle House" in the Bamboo suburb, of the gay ghetto. He is very old and distrusting of new people, most of his employees have worked at his restaurant since they were children barely earning a decent wage of $10.45 per hour by they age of forty-one.

Notable Places

The Pink Tiger

Owned and operated by Saul Greenwood, the Pink Tiger is the ghetto's only tavern so naturally it does very good business and allows Saul to live comfortably.

The Peach Pit

The Peach Pit is a gay strip club featuring an all-male revue, Milo eventually gets a job there after losing his job at Uncle Chang's.

69ner Hideout

The 69ner Hideout is in an underground tunnel under a train overpass, all of the 69ners live in the tunnel and do not like outsiders inside their headquarters.

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