*Real Name: Alora Garner
*Current Alias: Gadfly
*Identity: Public
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Cobalt City
*Gender: Female
*Height: 5'5"
*Weight: 114 lbs
*Eyes: Brown
*Hair: Black
*Skin: White


Alora Garner was a biology major at the local university, and conducted many experiments on the human body. When her love interest and lab partner Ethan Rain discovered what she and the professors had been up to, he threatened to inform the dean unless she put an end to her unethical experiments. The other professors destroyed what little progress they had made, however Alora managed to save a single specimen; a heavily mutated gadfly that Alora touted as her prized creation. One of the professors took the gadfly away from Alora and tossed it to the ground for fear of being fired by the dean. Alora tried saving the gadfly, but all it could do was to bite her finger, transferring its powers to her. Soon Alora found she had the ability to run circles around others, dazing and confusing them, as well as make herself the size of a gadfly.

Alora, now calling herself "Gadfly", plotted revenge on the professors, and to an extent the entire university for not understanding her passion for scientific research.

Powers & Abilities

None Known


  • Size Manipulation: Gadfly can shrink down to the size of a Gadfly at will
  • Speed: Her ability to shrink also grants her super speed, allowing her to fly around opponents at dizzying speeds.

None Known

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