Episodes (Maulie & Friends)

The following is a list of Maulie & Friends episodes.

Season 1 (2003-2004)

Season 1 of Maulie and Friends premiered in the late winter of 2003 and contains five episodes including the pilot. The first season contains much in the way of non-sequiturs, however near the end of the season (around episode 3) the following episodes appear more continuous.

Episode 1: "The Pilot"
Episode 2: "The-Rapy"
Episode 3: "Ani goes psycho!"
Episode 4: "Bad Girls"
Episode 5: "Hell Toupee"

Season 2.0 (2005)

Season 2 picks up with the end of Episode 5 where Maul is trapped in a bizarre "Hell World" as a result of his philandering with the woman next door, the pinnacle of the season is also the sixth episode wherein Miss Ani finally works to enact his revenge on Padme and Maul.

Episode 6: "THAT time of the month"
Episode 7: "Here comes Kandi"
Episode 8: "The AARP Team"
Episode 9: "Basic Dragonomics"

Season 3.0 (2006-2007)

Season 3 is arguable more random and contains more non-sequitur material than the previous seasons as many episodes rely on stand-alone material and do not refer to plots from past episodes, the only exception being Padme's eloping with Revan at the beginning of the season. From episode 14 and on much in the way of continuity was shelved for the season 4 premier of "Beauty is skin derp" where the series returned to its usual random quirkiness. The later half of Season 3 (from episode 18 and on) was to focus on the power trip of Miss Ani and the Mall Forge and was to show the end result of the Blaruto world coup as well as Revan, Padme, Kreia and Maul's escape.

Episode 10: "Working Bone"
Episode 11: "Some Enchanted Lady of the Evening"
Episode 12: "Of love and saline implants"
Episode 13: "Lower Expectations"
Episode 14: "BELIEVE IT!"
Episode 15: "Off to the far-left Side"
Episode 16: "Hello Cootie"
Episode 17: "Ani get your gun"
Episode 18: "Darth Wars"

Season 4.0 (2008; 2011 - ????)

Still in development, Season 4 began originally in 2008 but went on an indefinite hiatus until spring 2011 when "Meet the Chartreuzians" premiered.

Episode 19: "Beauty is skin derp"
Episode 20: "Meet the Chartreuzians"
Episode 21: "Don't taste the Rainbow"
Episode 22: "Affleck!"
Episode 23: "World of Whorecraft"
Episode 24: "To slurp with Love"
Episode 25: "The thinner games"
Episode 26: "Sex Edutainment"
Episode 27: "Tebow me Home Tonight"
Episode 28: "Hurriqueer"


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