Episodes (Demon Slayer)

List of Demon Slayer Episodes & Chapters

*Note: The majority of these titles are episodes that I had thought up of years ago; circa 2004, so they are subject to being changes.

Season 1

1.1 "The Dead Don't Sleep"
1.2 "Happy Birthday"
1.3 "Raising Claire"
1.4 "Hope"
1.5 "Two To Tengu"
1.6 "The Huntress Hunted" *Note:(Anka/Ankara “Lisa Kudrow”
1.7 "Revolution"
1.8 "The Welcoming"
1.9 "Secrets"
1.10 "Invisible Ty"
1.11 "Truth Or Dare (alt. Title: Truth Or Scare)"
1.12 "Fatality"
1.13 "Leave It To The Cleaver"
1.14 "Third Time’s A Charm"

Season 2

2.1 Wake the dead: *Note: This marks the first appearance of Malak, Damien, & Aria.
2.2 For crying out loud
2.3 New Guy *Note: This marks the first appearance of Syril
2.4 The addiction: *Note: This marks the first appearance of Jade.
2.5 Poems and Poinards
2.6 Kiss me I’m Irish
2.7 Enter Veronica
2.8 Year of the rat
2.9 Don’t tell mom…
2.10 Out of whack
2.11 Love potion no. 9
2.12 Brother, can you spare a crime
2.13 It’s only magic
2.14 Class dismissed…forever:
Synopsis: Blake dies from heart complications, causing Ty to re-evaluate his life.
2.15 About Drew
2.16 Enigma
2.17 Friends Vs. Friends
2.18 Hello Jo
2.19 The incredible shrinking Aura *Note:Barry Sills.
2.20 A time to run
2.21 The dark ones cometh
2.22 Rumor of the dark

Season 3

3.1 Exposition *Note: This marks the first appearance of Vlad, Orion, & Olivia.
3.2 Fairy Ring *Note: This marks the first appearance of Rhiannon.
3.3 Destiny Cometh *Note: First appearance of Loki, Lilith, Corrigan, & Amut
3.4 A Murder of Crows *Note: First appearance of Sparrow
3.5 Birds Of A Feather
3.6 Make A Wish
3.7 Holier Than Thou
3.8 Templars *Note: First appearance of King.
3.9 Vendetta
3.10 Firelight
3.11 God hand *Note: First appearance of Moloch.
3.12 Terminal *Note: This marks the final appearance of Vlad.
3.13 Nowhere to hide
3.14 When is now?
3.15 Desperately Seeking Ty: *Note: Barry Sills.
3.16 Answers
3.17 Unity
3.18 Reprisal *Note: Final appearance of Moloch.
3.19 A Gift
3.20 Unkind *Note: Final appearance of Amut.

Season 4

4.1 Home
4.2 Where are you?
4.3 Who are you?
4.4 Insomniac Ty
4.5 Blessings *Note: First appearance of Trinity, Ashey, Kyra, & Rob Faust (Sorcery Inc.)
4.6 Null
4.7 High Tide *Note: First appearance of Fury
4.8 Mortality
4.8 The Wrong Side Of The Road *Note: Barry Sills.
4.9 Crossroads
4.10 Memories
4.11 Wishful Thinking
4.12 Help Wanted
4.13 Dearly Departed, Dearly Beloved
4.14 Hello And Goodbye
4.15 Missing Pieces
4.16 The Riddle
4.17 Unforgiven
4.18 Time
4.19 Coping
4.20 A Predicament
4.21 Closer
4.22 Graduation Day
4.23 Those Chosen By The Earth
4.24 A Heart, Mind & Soul
4.25 Fragments *Note: Final appearance of Fury.

Season 5

5.1 Whole Again:
5.2 This World
5.3 Just for kicks: *Note: Barry Sills.
5.4 The real deal: *Note: Barry Sills.
5.5 With time
5.6 I Love You
5.7 Steering Clear
5.8 Circles: A new evil named Unknown surfaces on earth, sending Lilith into hiding.
5.9 Face of evil: Ty & crew fight Unknown to no avail.
5.10 Unclear origin: Aura tries to discover Unknown’s origin.
5.11 Downward Spiral: Unknown begins terrorizing town.
5.12 Revelations: An entity known as Hel reveals itself to the gang.
5.13 A Solution: Ty finds a way to destroy Hel.
5.14 The Name Game
5.15 Things You Learn: Aura binds Hel away from Unknown in order to free her. *Note: This marks the final appearance of Unknown’s character.
5.16 "Who You Can Trust"
Synopsis: Alexia (Sorceress Tamar) kidnaps head librarian Roger Swift for his extensive knowledge on demonology. Ty and Aura look for a way to bring Alexia back, while Drew discovers the Demonic Cards' origins. Lilith lays low in the sewers, still in fear of Unknown's wrath. Alexia and Elithan hold out in an abandoned warehouse to perform the Esbat ritual of Ash.
5.17 "Plea Bargains"
Synopsis: Aura & Drew search for information regarding the Serpent Amulet of N'Kai, while Jade arrives to help Ty locate it in South St. Michael Terrace.
5.18 Omens
Synopsis: Ty & Jade find the N'Kai Serpent amulet within the reservoir, only to be captured by demons. Markus & Veronica discover an interesting secret about the proprietor of a Carnival.
5.19 In dire need: Ty & Jade collect the Serpen Tai amulet, only to discover that it is one piece of five.
5.20 Welcome back: Ty returns to find that Carmenta has held Aura & drew captive, Rhiannon returns to 5.21 Pasadena from India.
5.22 Uncertainties: Ty must sacrifice his tarot cards and his katanas in order to save Drew & Aura.
5.23 Uncanny magic: Carmenta begins her countdown to destruction. *Note: Carmenta kills Aria in order to get the last tarot card.
5.24 Evanescence: Syril kills Carmenta in order to save the world, and ends Alexia’s life. *Note: This marks the final appearance of Alexia Marsh.
5.25 Brother vs Sister
Synopsis: A stranger named Sadira introduces herself to the group.
The rogue demon leader Malachi forces Jade to aid him in obtaining the remaining relics of Dawn.
5.26 New Moon: Sadira, Ty, & Jade seek out the remaining pieces of the Serpen Tai amulet throughout Pasadena.
5.27 Worm Holes: Ty learns that Malachi possesses two pieces of the N'Kai amulet.
5.28 I Need You Now: Malachi makes a deal with Damien in order to being Aria back to life.
5.29 Killing Time: Sadira prophesizes that her brother will summon a plague upon the world.
5.30 Eidolons: Aura learns how to summon powerful spirits to do her bidding.
5.31 Mephistopheles: Damien and a devil conspire to kill Ty as part of Malachi’s plan. Ty is incinerated and turned to ashes. Aura & Drew gather his remains into an urn and frantically find a way to bring him back, meanwhile Jade declares herself the leader.
5.32 No Pain, no sorrow: Malachi tricks Damien and turns him into stone. Aura & Drew secretly see Lady Deja McClure behind Jade’s back and has Ty’s ashes restored into his physical form, bringing him back to life to restore order.
Into the fire: Ty has only sixteen hours until damnation begins.
5.33 No Tomorrow: Aura summons a powerful eidolon to suppress Malachi, while Ty absorbs his soul with the spiritus katana. *Note: This marks the final appearances of Sadira and Malachi.
As you wish: Jewel Sharde returns and grants Ty eternal wealth, and allows him to bring any one person back from the dead that he desires as part of a plot to get into Heaven. *Note: This marks the final appearance of Jewel Sharde.

Season 6

Hopeless Romantics: Ty & Sylvia find a place together. *Note: This marks the return of Sylvia Blayne and puts her in the opening credits. Lily Keebler appears in this episode and in the opening credits as a main cast member.
Children’s play: Rhiannon devotes time to the children’s center.
Simple Math: Aura tries concentrating on newer spells, but forgets them when she casts them.
The Triangle: Jade finds herself becoming attracted to Ty. *Note: Jade appears in the opening credits of this season.
Son of the Moon: Syril learns of a man who is a descendant of a moon goddess.
Like Wildfire: A gang of demons begin stealing and vandalizing the town.
Soul & Spice: With the addition of a new bistro café, the girls of the group begin to fight over the spotlight at the lounge. *Note: Chris Pratt guest stars as Barry Sills.
My Brother’s Sword: Ty learns of his long deceased brothers ancient weapon a sword called Ray-Arc. *Note: Xenia Seeberg guest stars as Sam Everett.
Funny Farm: A new TV series for kids opens up in Pasadena, however the results are not as funny as they seem.
Lessons: In an attempt to get more active, Drew and Aura go out and slay demons on their own, and trouble ensues.
In Loving Memory: Aura learns of her brother Barry’s death and begins to fall apart emotionally.
Fire, Wind, Water, Earth: The four elementals warn Tyler of an approaching evil.
Issues pt. 1: Aura leaves town, and is visited by her brother’s ghost.
Issues pt.2: Lilith & Damien fight to settle an old score.
Being Claire-voyant: An evil cult member kidnaps and holds Claire Everett hostage.
Nowhere-ville: Ty & Co search for Claire only to learn that she has been killed.
Bitter Harvest: Ty’s unrest causes him to believe that the rumors of his aunt’s death are false and goes out investigating.
Truth Be Told: Ty finds the location of an abandoned city building, where Claire resides kidnapped.
Never say Never: Ty has the cult members arrested and locked away, only to learn that there are more of them, and that Pasadena isn’t as it seems.
Somewhere Bound: Dahlia appears and warns Ty to have his loved ones escape Pasadena before the final battle takes place.
Decisions: After a night of bliss with Ty, Sylvia is kidnapped by Damien and held ransom. After she is saved she decides to stay and fight alongside Ty.
No Angel: After the blood of an innocent touches the ancient epitaph, the form of a fallen angel Michael arises.
Like Kings: Michael bargains with Dahlia to try to gain control.
Desperate Times: Ty learns the extent of Michael’s true powers.
Prophecy: An army of demons and monsters surfaces on modern day Pasadena.
The Demon Slayer: Ty & Crew fight off Michael’s four generals.
Savoir-Faire: The gang fights Michael to the death, and Pasadena falls apart.

Season 7

7.1: “Homecoming”
7.2: “White Magic”
7.3: “Odds & Ends”
7.4: “Homunculus”
7.5: “Impractical Magic”
7.6: "I Thought I'd Be One Of Those Deaf-Mutes"
7.7: "Boy Meets Ghoul"
7.8 "Hot Prophets"

Season 8

8.??: “The Transcendental Man”
8.??: “Beyond Good and Evil”

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