Alias None
Date of Birth Unknown
Star Sign Unknown
Age Unknown
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown Unknown
Height Unknown
Hair Color Peroxide Blond
Eye Color Sky Blue

Enchanter is a mysterious socialite and celebrity in the confines of Calisoma, he makes his base of operations in the Acid Rain Lounge in Fabutropolis City and resides in a multi-million dollar mansion on Howling Hills.

The Solari Crystal

Despite being the Solari Crystal's keeper, Enchanter was not the first being to handle it and only received it after a series of fateful concurrences. The alien Malik Croyer arrived on earth a few hundred years earlier and had been living in seclusion beneath Stone Henge for quite some time before being detected by government agents and taken captive. Malik somehow managed to escape from the laboratory and wound up on a boat bound for Calisoma.

During an attack by a lynch mob, Malik was saved by then-hero Bear and his colleagues, Mantra, and Witcher, however during the struggle Malik dropped the Solari crystal and seemingly lost it forever. Not long after Sleazy, Bubbles, Sugar-Pie and Bunny found the crystal and immediately tried selling it for ridiculous amounts of cash. With no pawnbroker able to shell out that amount of money they went to the Acid Rain Lounge in order to convince Enchanter to buy it from them. Enchanter had a strong feeling that the crystal was not theirs to sell and read their minds to learn that they had taken it during the lynching of an extraterrestrial. Enchanter took the crystal from the thugs and invited Malik to stay with him at his mansion on Howling Hills.

The Crystal would not return to Malik no matter how Enchanter tried and he was stuck with the Solari Crystal, and informed by Malik that he as become what his people call: "Crystal Keeper" and that he and the crystal are bound to one another. Enchanter uses his newfound calling to initiate Malik into his group, however Bear argued that he should become the leader of the group because he has the most battle experience. The crystal rejected all of Bear's attempts to touch it and he left angrily.

Captain Speedo

Enchanter saved Milo from being brutally ravaged at the hands of the Slippery Six, a gang notorious for committing rape on their victims. Enchanter whisked Milo away to his lavish estate where he revealed the Solari Crystal an ancient gem that has the power to grant miracles. Milo was transformed into Captain Speedo at the Crystal's behest and felt imbued with power.


Enchanter's powers are still a mystery at the moment, however he has shown that he can do a number of amazing things. He can read minds ( he knew what Milo was thinking when he brought him to the manor), and he can see through walls (he knew that Jeeves was masturbating in the closet).

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