Derek Travers

Darik Reeve Travers was a human agent of the Apex Corporation and an antagonist to Archaiel Maxwell.


Darik never quite lived a normal life, growing up he was terrorized by night terrors until he realized that he was actually seeing the dead. At the age of sixteen his "gift" matured to its peak and he was fully fledged human with second sight. Two years later he came into contact with the Apex Corporation and was offered a position because of his ability to see and communicate with the dead without the use magic or charms of any sort.

Apex Corporation

From the age of 18 Darik worked as an intern for the corporation before being promoted to a field agent at the age of 21. During his tenure as an operative Darik undertook 500 field assignments and recovered a plethora of information from varying sources. His 501st assignment was Archaiel.


Darik and Archaiel have been enemies since the moment they met in Pale City. Darik's mission was to redirect Archaiel's freelancing for the Company's best interest. Eventually Archaiel caught onto it and foiled Darik's plan, however Travers' next assignment would be

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