*Real Name: Ray Delano
*Current Alias: Chill
*Identity: Secret
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Cobalt City
*Gender: Male
*Height: 5'10"
*Weight: 145 lbs
*Eyes: Black
*Hair: Blue (Sometimes White)
*Skin: White


Ray Delano was a technician at one of the many Pine Corps. Labs, and got locked inside of a frost chamber, that mutated him into an ice person. Ray, now going by the name of "Chill", is able to make ice form from his finer tips, or jet it out in large blasts similar to a fire hose. He turned to a life of crime mainly because the company refused to agree to his quarter of a million dollar settlement.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cryokinesis: Chill has the ability to generate blasts of ice from his hands, he can generate ice from under his feet to form ice-skates, skis, or a sled/surfboard like object. Chill can generate a beam of ice in the form of a sword to use in hand-to-hand combat, or he can simply generate javelin like beams of ice to hurl at opponents. Chill has also shown the ability to form a shield of ice in front of his person in order to evade physical contact with a projectile, or physical combat. Chill will on occasion form a snowball in the palm of his hand, which he uses mainly as a way of throwing his opponents off course.

None Known

Strength Level
Chill has the strength level of an athletic person, who exercises occasionally, but does not make a habit out of working out.

None Known

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