Cassi Marie Vanderbush is a fictional character and an original creation of the Maulie & Friends universe. She first appears in Episode V: Hell Toupee, although technically her first "official" appearance was on the cover of Episode IV: Bad Girls (even though she was not in that episode).


Cassi is an attractive human woman with long legs and petite waist, and large breasts. Despite having not appeared in color yet, Cassi's hair is light blue, and her eyes are lime green. She often wears the same garb consisting of an orange striped bikini with a matching choker and earrings.


Cassi is a very sexual person shown in her initial appearance where she promptly removes her top and sunbathes topless, fully aware that Maul is watching her. Similar in personality to Kandi, Cassi is very much an exhibitionist and will casually expose her breasts to anyone willing to watch in order to prove a point or to get what she wants.


Also like Kandi, Cassi is very much a sexual predator however unlike the former she is more subtle and relies on her charms and her gentle mannerisms to get what she wants.

Cassi is also somewhat egotistical as she displayed frustration with not being selected for playboy, while settling to pose for the cover of Maulie & Friends Episode VI: "THAT time of the month". This was later recreated for an additional scene in the remake "Odyssey 2012", where she yells at her manager for not securing her centerfold spread in playboy only for her attention to be grabbed by the Bieber Mega Zord's severed hand, which crashed in her backyard.

Arc Significance

Cassi is the catalyst for Maul and Padme's falling out and eventual reconciliation. Even though her scenes are short and are few in between, she supplies the reason for Maul's lust and Padme's anger/jealousy.


Cassi appears at the beginning of Episode V: Hell Toupee, sunbathing by the pool in her backyard (in the Odyssey 2012 remake she appears immediately after "Ani goes psycho"). After catching Maul peeping on their neighbor, Padme pulls him aside to remind him that it is she whom he is married to. After Padme leaves in frustration, Cassi affirms that she overheard their lover's quarrel and removes her top to sunbath, and asks Maul if he would "oil her up".

After getting oiled up by Maul, she invites him inside for drinks and the two make small talk on the sofa before the doorbell rings. Cassi answers the door to reveal an ugly man dressed in drag attempting to sell breast augmentation creme. Cassi promptly removes her top and asks the man if she needs any of that stuff before slamming the door in his face.

After returning to Maul, Cassi asks him if he wants to play a game of "spin the bottle" with her. Next Cassi wildly massages Maul's chest while he uncomfortably scrambles to get free. Amused, Cassi declares that it is time for sex and demands Maul to strip while licking her lips like a snake. She removes her top again and beckons Maul to suckle her teet, causing him to flee from the house in horror.

Cassi appears once more at the end of Odyssey 2012 complaining to her agent over the phone when a giant robotic hand crash lands in her backyard. Upon investigating the scene, Cassi finds Kandi the Sith Witch inappropriately grinding and kissing the extended middle finger of the hand while Cassi looks on in anger.

Cover Appearances

Initial Cover on Bad Girls (1st appearance)
HPIM0343_zps422925fe.jpgOriginal Hell Toupee Cover (2nd cover appearance)
HPIM0348_zps58c797b6.jpgOdyssey 2012 Chapter 2 cover
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