Captain Speedo

Milo Spunkmeyer was an average resident of Pink Street, living everyday life in the Gay Ghetto. It was always Milo's dream to someday move to the big city of Fabutropolis, however working twelve hour shifts for only $2.00 per hour at Uncle Chang's Noodle House prevents him from earning enough money to make his dream come true.

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Captain Speedo
Alias Milo Spunkmeyer
Date of Birth July 4
Star Sign
Age 25
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown Burbland
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Aqua

Milo's History

Milo Spunkmeyer moved from his childhood home in Burbland to try and make it as a big time celebrity in Fabutropolis City, however he could not afford to move their on a college freshman's salary so he ended up living in the Gay Ghetto two cities below Fabutropolis.

Milo got a job working as a server for a stingy Chinese restaurant owner named Uncle Chang, Chang was a stingy and stubborn old man who detested Hollyweird for how they portrayed his people in movies. Milo usually worked twelve hour shifts for $2.00 per hour and on special occasions such as the Chinese New Year would end up catering to Chang's colleagues all night for no overpay.

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