Big Bads

Big Bads in Demon Slayer

Season I

Jonathan Welker
Age: 44
Height: '6'1"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Deceased
Goal: To hunt down the Muramasa katana he tried obtaining fifteen years ago before the story, and rule the world with the power of "Yokai".
Bio: Welker was a longtime friend of Scott Everett; Ty's father, and eventually became his business partner when their company sent them overseas to Japan to work on possible merging benefits. The entire time however, Welker had been fascinated; obsessed with the ancient powers of the Japanese Onmyoji, and studied the powers of the "Yokai" and "Oni" through old texts and manuscripts. Scott had discovered a rare relic; a Muramasa Samurai Sword or Katana buried deep within the woods of Osaka Japan. Scott decided to donate the rare find to Japan's historical preservation society, but Welker wanted to keep the sword for himself, fully knowing that it had long reached its one hundredth year anniversary and was a Tsukumogami (an enchanted object). Welker offered to pay a fortune to Scott in order to have the sword for himself, but Scott knew that it wouldn't be right. Welker had tried finding another katana, similar to the one that Scott had found deep within a cavern, that was actually a tomb of sorts for slain warriors. Welker smashed open a clay urn releasing a large amount of dust into the air that he inhaled and immediately changed for the worse. Welker transformed into the resurrected Onmyoji Fuzen, and began searching for his accursed blade. Angered that someone had taken his prized possession, Fuzen ordered the local crime syndicate "Kage-Ryuu" to get the katana away from Scott Everett, by whatever means necessary. The Kage-Ryuu (Shadow Dragons) ambushed and murdered Scott; who had discovered disturbing news about the sword and had phoned his pregnant wife Claire to leave for America that night, along with the Muramasa sword. By the climax of the first season, Welker and Fuzen had become aware of each other's personalities, and realized that either personality can only exist during so many hours of the day before it reverts back to the other. Over the years, Welker had come to his senses, and realized that Rowe Enterprises was wrong in wanting to rule the world with the Muramasa sword, and had Ty kill Fuzen (and Welker as well) while Jonathan's personality was awake, ending the curse and freeing thousands of trapped souls from the sword.

Age: 789
Height: about 5 foot 9
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gray
Title: Onmyoji
Status: Deceased
Powers: Ability to conjure various Oni and Yokai to aid him.
Goal: To kill Ty and retrieve the Muramasa katana.
Bio: Fuzen is a powerful demonic Onmyoji (Japanese sorcerer) from Feudal Japan (born 1220). He crossed back into the earth plane when Rowe Enterprises Executive, Jonathan Welker inadvertently released Fuzen from his death by inhaling the dust (his powdered remains), which immediately took parasitic control over his psyche. By the year 2009, Fuzen had completely made a niche within Welker's body. At times though, Fuzen would revert back to Welker in personality and body with no memories of the events that occurred as Fuzen. Fuzen had searched tirelessly for years, looking for his missing Muramasa katana, and eventually came to acknowledge Welker as his "other personality" and conflicted rival. Fuzen used Welker's own resources to track down the current owner of the sword; Ty Everett and summoned a band of demonic Tengu to assassinate him and bring the sword back. Eventually it came down to Ty and Fuzen one on one, and Fuzen easily overwhelmed the inexperienced devil hunter. Welker, using the last of his strength had reverted back to his normal self and told Ty to impale him with the sword, as it would destroy Fuzen and the curse of the blade (freeing all of the sealed souls), and would make Ty the true owner of the blade. Ty hesitated, but as Fuzen showed signs of returning he bit back the tears and with a quiet "I'm sorry" stabbed his father's best friend in the chest, killing both Jonathan and Fuzen.

Season II

Malak Thorne Delacroix
Age: 2000
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Goal: To regain his ownership over the slave land (modern day Everglade, CO) he purchased a couple hundred years prior to the story.
Bio: Malak was born in Europe into the powerful Roman Empire, however his lineage was not entirely from the Emperor of Rome himself. Malak's mother (a vampire) had an affair with a demon, creating a pure-blood vampire. Malak grew up enjoying watching people being crucified for their beliefs, and fed to the lions for treason. By the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire, Malak was the only sole survivor; being that his mother was discovered as being a demon and cast out into the light of day, incinerating her to dust. Malak moved to France, where he became a well-known Marquis. Malak lived in France for a couple hundred years before striking up a business deal with the King of France, who offered him valuable land and slaves in the 'New World' (Everglade CO, America). Malak accepted and moved to the New World to consult his prize, however he found himself to be in a trap. The immigrants had grown weary of Malak's agelessness, and his lack of daytime appearance and suspected him of being the product of diabolical works. A Native American Chief banished Malak to hell for eternity, or until anyone who would actually help a diabolical fiend like him would come along and release him. Eventually in the year 1929, two pure-blood vampires named Damien and Aria found Malak's prison and plotted to release him from his damnation. However, it wasn't until the year 2009 (originally 2001) when the prophesied Demon Slayer came about that Damien and Aria could actually free Malak.

Season III

Age: 558
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Brown
Goal: To aid Amut in ushering in a new era of prosperity to the world, unknowing that the humans will all die as a required sacrifice.
Bio: A sorcerer from the Dark Ages, Loki made a pact with a Mesopotamian deity named Amut. The details of the pact were that Loki would aid Amut in the revival of her kind by preparing and sacrificing a required amount of souls every 100 hundred years until the apex date; the year 2009.

Age: 4608
Height: about 5 foot 7 (while in the guise of a human)
Hair Color: Brown (while in the guise of a human)
Eye Color: Brown (while in the guise of a human)
Goal: To rebirth the Daimon Empire, using Moloch as a harbinger of death for the humans.
Bio: Amut was once a ruler of a prosperous kingdom in the Mesopotamian Empire over 4600 years ago. However am attack led by a rogue. The Daimon Empire was entirely taken over, forcing Amut to flee to unknown parts of the world. Eventually time came to pass, and Amut wished to regain the power that she had lost at the hands of the Sangassa Rebels. Amut existed for many years after, having gained immortality she could explore England in the middle ages and discover a wizard who would work with her to resurrecting her empire.

Age: 1
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Goal: To literally "eat" all of humanity.

Season IV

Age: Ancient
Height: About 6'1" (in human form)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Goal: To regain his power to the fullest by unlocking the Cipher Seal, and releasing his comrades Leviathan, Ziz, and Behemoth.
Bio: Was created as part of the first acts of impurity, and made a mighty god of earth by Lucifer. However, God banished Ziz, Leviathan, and Behemoth to hell, and banished Fury to earth. For thousands of years Fury remained locked away in a limbo-dimension of earth until he made a deal with a seer; in exchange for the divine secrets of the Dark Lord, Fury would receive a human body so that he could walk the mortal plane of earth. Fury's plan was to locate and destroy the Cipher Seal; a gateway to hell made by a natural landscape in the Colorado Canyon. He called himself "Tom Fury" and began looking for several humans labeled as; "The Key", "The Lock", and "The Chain", he would eventually find what he was looking for through the efforts of the witch's convent; "Sorcery Inc." based out of Ty's high school.

Season V

Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7" (while posessing Alexia)
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Goal: To rule the future by conquering the present.
Bio: Tamara is a powerful sorceress from an unknown era in time. She created the persona "Hel" to act as a red herring in order to throw the Devil Hunters off from discovering that she had possessed Alexia Marsh. Tamara first appeared while in possession of a young woman named Unknown. The young woman was a clairvoyant, and thus her aura and profound mana drew Tamara into possessing her, and brainwashed Unknown leaving her as an amnesiac. Unknown's true name was "Enid", which was later discovered by Ty in order to defeat Hel (Tamara's alternate persona); a plot mechanism that Tamara had devised as way for her to secretly possess Alexia as herself, thereby leaving Ty and Co. to believe they had successfully rid Enid (and the world) of the entity. Tamara started out her dark plans by recruiting the murderous demon Elithan, and eventually seducing Clay to her cause (via hypnosis). Tamar's plan was to throw the present time into an endless dark world, a safe haven for demons and the many fiends whom serve Tamara. Tamara hadn't counted on Syril discovering that the "true" god of hell (one of many) Hel, was in fact forever bound to that dimension, unable to make contact with other worlds metaphysically or otherwise. Syril concluded that the same entity that had been possessing Enid was in fact in complete possession over Alexia, he acted as one of Tamara's servants to learn of her name (because no one knew the name of the entity possessing Alexia) in order to use it against her, however Tamara revealed that wouldn't work against her as she now had full control over Alexia, using her body as a host. Syril brings himself to kill Alexia in order to destroy Tamara. Ironically, it is revealed that in death Tamara would be banished forever to the same god of hell whom she previously imitated; Hel.

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