Bear was once a member of the Enchanter's Guild a team of crime-fighting superheroes, and was the most battle-hardened of them all.

Member of the Guild

As a member of the Enchanter's Guild Bear's daily duties involved sweeping the streets of Gay Ghetto for crime and imprisoning criminals, however due to his unquenchable thirst for mayhem and destruction he usually killed any criminals he encountered much to the dismay of the guild.

One of Bear's last missions with the guild was to save extraterrestrial Malik Croyer from a lynch mob, but upon returning to the Enchanter's Mansion he attempted to wrest control of the guild from him by taking the crystal however it would not allow him to touch it deeming him unworthy and thus making him a "reject".

While in the Enchanter's Guild Bear frequently teamed with Mantra and Witcher.

As an Ex-Hero

Bear mainly stayed behind the shadows working for millionaires by acting as an enforcer for small ti

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