Bad Girls

Bad Girls is the fourth episodes of the first season of Maulie & Friends.


Cover Details

The fourth issue episode of Maulie & Friends features Cassie, and Miss Ani and prominently features Padme in the center covering her naked breasts with both hands.

The headlines for the fourth issue tease at the identity of Cassie, claiming to reveal her identity on the last page which then only refers the reader to Episode 5. Episode 4 also claims to be the shortest issue ever.

Featured Characters


Padme is trying to wake Maul up in order to go to their 12 O'clock colonic appointment, however he rolls over and chooses to stay in bed. Palpy arrives and helps Padme with her problem with Maul. Some 15 minutes later, Maul wakes up feeling feisty and wanting to do it with Padme initiates action with her only for her to roll over and reveal herself to be Palpy in disguise, causing Maul to run to the toilet to vomit. Maul calls Padme "sick" but she claims that she learned it from him.

Later Padme and Palpy blindfold Maul and stick him in the backseat of a car while she and Palpy don sunglasses and drive to through town at night. Next Padme lures Maul out of the car by appearing as Venus/Aprhodite dressed only in censor bars and beckons him to come to her bosoms. Maul excitedly screams that he is getting laid which attracts the attention of Obi Wan and Ani who are in the middle of an S&M romp, Master Yoda who was meditating, and Fattricia who implores Primerib to find out who is getting laid and to "make stuff up".


Next Maul is strapped to the wall as an animitronic hose aims for his private parts. Maul begs Padme to pull the plug but she refuses on account of their date with "Access Hollywood". After the experience is over with Maul demands sex from Padme, citing that she owes him the best sex in the world. The two have a roll in the hay and sometime later Maul awakens to find that he is completely naked on the red carpet of Access Hollywood suffering yet another humiliating experience.


  • This issue cover is unique in that rather than showing only the central characters it prominently features Miss Ani and unknown Cassie, the latter of whom would not be introduced until episode 5.


  • Padme and Palpy's nighttime car trip is reminiscent of the Madonna music video "What it feels like for a girl".
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