*Real Name: Unknown
*Current Alias: Asp
*Identity: Secret
*Alignment: Bad
*Affiliation: Self
*Base of Operations: Mobile
*Gender: Male
*Height: 6'1"
*Weight: 150 lbs
*Eyes: Black
*Hair: Black
*Skin: White


Asp is a Super-Villain from the Moth Man continuity. Asp is one of only a handful of earthlings to be gifted with magical potency; meaning her can cast magical spells by reciting a ritual or a chant. Asp became obsessed with uncovering and learning all of the world's spells so that he alone would be the most powerful being on the planet.

When Asp was a child he was an apprentice to an old sage named Melchior; the sage saw potential in the young Asp and accepted him as a pupil for the hidden arts of hermetics. When Asp turned a certain age, his potency for magic awakened and grew thirsty for more spells. Melchior tried teaching Asp how to restrain his lust for magic, but the student would hear no more of the foolish old man's words and gravely injured him with a forbidden spell he had learned from a book; the Black Grimoire, which he took with him.

Asp has been searching the world for more magical spells to add to his repertoire. Currently, Asp has learned at least five thousand spells, and only actually uses a select handful of them (mainly for battle purposes).

Powers & Abilities


  • Magic: Asp can use a variety of magic spells, ranging from black magic to white magic.


  • Angui-Telepathy: Asp can telepathically communicate with snakes, his influence over serpents is so great that he can even wield them in battle without fear of being bitten or constricted.

Strength Level
Asp is not physically intimidating, however his reflexes and impressive reaction timing make him stronger than an average human, and a little above stronger than an athletic human who works out a lot.


  • Katana like sword: In addition to controlling an army of unconditional serpents, Asp wields a long katana-like sword that is obsidian in color and scheme.
  • Black Grimoire: Asp's spell book, the book itself acts as a metaphysical journal, keeping records of every spell that Asp has learned in the world.
  • Poison Fangs: Asp has somehow modified his incisors to the extent that they are snake's fangs, and one bit from him will fill a person's bloodstream with lethal venom.
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