Ani Goes Psycho

Ani Goes Psycho is the third episode of Maulie Friends AKA "Episode III" and it premiered in the fall/winter of 2003.


Cover Details

Maulie and Friends Issue number 3 features Miss Ani on the cover in a bikini, kneeling on the ground while his two other personas (Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker) appear behind him.

The headlines for Issue one are: Star Wars or Star Whores? Ms. Ani; Sick, twisted, insane but a padawan no less.

Featured Characters


The Episode opens up with Miss Ani exclaiming "Oops I did it again", and his lover questioning what he is doing. Miss Ani convinces his lover, Leopold to massage his bottom while exclaiming how his "butt" has been killing him. The scene also shows ALF sifting through a trash can looking for cats, although this was omitted in the 2012 remake.

Later Maul is shown sunbathing in a bikini while in a swimming pool while Padme pretends to be a peeping tom. Padme proposes that they "do it" when they spot "Miss Ani" giggling and exclaiming how Maul will be his. Ani goes into a typical "not unlike Miss Ani" hysterics clamoring that Maul will be his until Padme can take no more and swiftly beheads him with a lightsaber. Next the real Miss Ani appears out of drag as Anakin and exclaims that Padme did not kill him, but instead killed his lover Leopold.

Ani scoffs at their misfortune, assuming that they probably wished that they had killed 'him' instead. Anakin promptly transforms into Miss Ani and attacks Padme with his lightsaber, only for his attack to be parried by Maul. Maul nicks Ani's elbow with his lightsaber, causing Ani to cry out in a stereotypical lisp and flee the scene promising that they would meet again before disappearing in a poof of smoke.

Padme who is so taken aback by Maul's chivalry, begins to flirt with him and the two begins making out and she takes off her top which apparently summons an evil three-eyed demon named Chuckie, who had been watching everything up to this point on a personal television.

Later Fattricia summons Porterhouse in the usual repetitive, droning manner and inquires the condition of the "channel clicker". Porterhouse assures that the remote is in good condition, however when asked by Fattricia its whereabouts he confesses his ignorance and is swiftly killed by her. A few more hours later Fattricia summons Primerib, Porterhouse's replacement and T-Bone's third substitute who flatters her immensely by calling her his greatness.

The three-eyed creature introduces himself as "Chuckie" and Padme begins to think he is cute until he begins staring lustfully at her breasts. Chuckie proposes Padme for a "Starbucks", when Maul threatens him to keep away from Padme. Chuckie reveals that he must spill the blood of the virgin, however Padme herself claims that she is not a virgin much to the shock of Chuckie and Maul.

Later a possibly evil villainess named Roseanne Repulsa makes plans to take over "Uranus" when just 10 minutes later she is shown to be dangerously overweight and out of breath and clamoring for her tuna. Her loyal henchwoman, Vraxer agrees to fetch Roseanne's tuna for her while addressing her as "Miss Fatso". Next Vraxer is seen instructing two male strippers; a Tusken Raider and a Rodian who are dancing in an aerobics class. Palpy spies on the dancers and exclaims that he will have all of the young men to himself and introduces himself as a lavish female from the board of review and demands a "review" from the men. Then Miss Ani pops up from the shadows with condoms and already blown up condoms exclaiming that they can make "balloon animals" with them.


Later Maul denies Padme ever having lost her virginity and she refutes Chuckie's lechery by punching him out and proceeds to kick Maul in the crotch and calls him a self-serving pig and affirms to take a long hot shower without his help this time.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Vraxer, a Maulie & Friends original character like Kandi and T-Bone.


  • Ani's opening line is either himself singing the lyrics to the Britney Spears song or is merely making a non-sequitur.
  • The villainess is a mix between Power Rangers's Rita Repulsa and the comedienne, Roseanne Barr.
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