Vinecap Manor

Vinecap Manor is a new location added by Tribunal Faith in Skyrim. It is located far south in the springs of Eastmarch almost directly in front of the Mistwatch Bandit Fortress. The house is occupied by a Tribunal defector named Tovas the Defector, who is also a vampire and has placed many thralls around to guard the premises in and outside of the Manor. Once cleared, the Manor becomes a potential player home with a bed, chest, 2 cupboards, and a work table and arcane enchanter in the basement.

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Approaching the Manor will attract the attention of several Vampire's Thralls, however they may or may not be engaged in fighting a local leveled bear. Inside the manor contains a single Vampire's Thrall guarding the interior, once slain proceed down into the basement to face Tovas the Defector who is a deserter from the Old Tribune Temple as well as a Master Vampire. He wields the legendary sword Trueflame and comes equipped with a full set of Defector's Garb. Once slain, Vinecap Manor becomes yours to do as you please with.

Vinecap Manor
Hold Eastmarch
Location Near Mistwatch
Type Player Home
Quests Retrieve Truflame (unmarked)
Characters Tovas the Defector
Location ID VinecapManor


  • Vampire's Thrall
  • Tovas the Defector


  • Ebony Sword of Damnation
  • Truflame


  • The Entirety of the Manor is extremely laggy and players will immediately notice a severe drop in FPS, especially within the Manor and in the Vinecap Manor Basement. The basement itself holds many issues as it is extremely laggy and dark making it difficult to navigate as well as exiting it via the ladder can be frustrating.
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