Toshi Matsuda
Alias None
Date of Birth November 8
Star Sign Scorpio
Age 25
Race Human
Nationality Japanese
Hometown Nagasaki (JP)
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Status Alive
Likes Saul Carmichael Rebecca
Hates —-
No. Appearances 3
First Seen "Saul and Toshi"
Last Seen "Toshi's Date"

Toshi is a Japanese-extract living in America as Saul Carmichael's mechanic and assistant. Toshi accompanies Saul on almost all of his appointments and is very resourceful despite seeming whimsical and clueless. He understands English perfectly, however only speaks Japanese or broken english. It is through Toshi that Saul obtained Jeanine, and established a way into Tabitha's corporation. Toshi also appears to have a penchant for older women as he was seen on a date with Rebecca during "Toshi's Date".

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