The Other Night

"Oh no, oh Jesus he's jumped out the window again!"

The Other Night is the Fourth Episode in the Reality Life (Web) series. Cynthia recalls the fight he had with his therapist/drug dealer, Scott Connors - description.

The Other Night
Episode No. 4
Runtime 00:01:37
Release Date 06/11/2010
Previous "Saul Deals with Cynthia"
Next "Tabitha and Toshi"


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The episode takes place sometime after "Saul deals with Cynthia", and opens with Scott angrily forbidding Cynthia from attending the late show with Donatello Slick, only for Cynthia to brazenly fire back that she has already purchased ticket(s) to the show and will be in attendance later that night. Mad with paranoia and jealousy, Scott dives out of their apartment window but not before verbally abusing her with a slew of insults. At the end Cynthia affirms her stance to go see Slick at the show regardless of how Scott reacts.

Episode Tie-ins

The episode is preceded by "Saul Deals with Cynthia", wherein she acquired two tickets to the Donatello Slick show (which had been mailed to Saul off-screen by a Lightning-Rod courier). This episode ties in directly to episode 6 "The Donatello Slick Show", where Cynthia acts as nervous but starstruck guest on the eponymous show. This episode also has tie-ins with episodes 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 all of which deal with Scott's shady business as a drug dealer, his death and ultimate fate and Cynthia's reaction to losing her boyfriend/therapist.

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