The Donatello Slick Show

"Do you want to go on a date, a D-A-T-E?"

The Donatello Slick Show AKA simply "Reality Life" is the Sixth Episode of the Reality Life (Web) series. This is a series about seven strangers who live not quite normal lives - description

The Donatello Slick Show
Episode No. 6
Runtime 00:01:45
Release Date 05/10/2010
Previous "Tabitha and Toshi"
Next "Saul Interviews Jeanine"


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Cynthia appears as a guest on the Donatello Slick show after having drawn the lucky number in a raffle, however since the hot seat was originally supposed to be for Saul Carmichael Slick had to improvise and announced a spur of the moment raffle, with the winner being a guest on the show. The episode opens up with Cynthia professing her attraction to Slick, whom brushes her off and repeatedly mistakes her for a drag queen. Cynthia proposes that the two of them get to know each other better by going out on a date, however Slick continually insults Cynthia (unbeknownst to her) in his native French and pretends not to acknowledge what she is saying most of the time by playing around with the studio's sound system. Eventually Cynthia's hormones get the better of her and she suggests that two engage in coitus right there, however Slick ultimately declines the offer.

Episode Tie-ins

The Donatello Slick Show ties directly in with "Saul Deals with Cynthia" and "The Other Night", it also directly relates to episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, covering the dilemma between Scott and Cynthia as well Scott's impending fate and the resulting covering surrounding his demise as well as Cynthia's reaction.

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