The Chaos

The Chaos is a formless, ageless, and sexless entity made up of pure chaos. While it has no typical human or anthropomorphic form, its usual assumed form is a moving mass of deep maroon/black liquid that engulfs everything it encounters in chaos.


The Chaos has existed long before the oldest known villain Master Agamemnus, and predates time supposedly. Etherean sages believe that the Chaos was a result of an imbalance of power in Etherea many, many aeons ago. Before record time, the first Ethereans ruled with absolute order and tolerated zero anarchy — which resulted in a peaceful world free of war and crime and its influence quickly and easily manipulated earth-realm in the same manner. However, the earth-realm was easily overtaken by the influx of chaotic residue; leftovers from the imbalanced and impractical rule of the ancient Etherean archons. The resulting matter was pure and total chaos; dark energy created from the overzealous reign of the ruling sages. The sages formed together in order to contain and trap the chaos in an omni-dimensional cube known as the Etherean Box, a literal "Pandora's box" of sorts containing the real world's evil. The box was warped to the core of dimensions, a place where neither the darkest or purest of magics could reach. The sages knew that given time the box would eventually resurface and would need to be sealed again, as long as mankind knew of the existence of evil and hatred corrupted the minds of man then the box would grow more and more apparent until it had made itself visible to the world. Eventually the box resurfaced in 2008, where it was found and opened by Naga Kai a fallen sage from the world of Moray.

2008 Resurfacing

After being sought by the dark sage Naga Kai, the Etherean Box was eventually found and opened by him in order to once again through the balance of power into whack by flooding the universe with chaos. After awakening from a millennia of sleep, the chaos formed an alliance with fallen sage Kai and went to earth to seek out the last remaining Etherean Sages, it was on earth however that the chaos ripped open the Z Dimension and flooded Master Agamemnus, awaking it from a four-million year rest and enlisting him in its conquest against order. The chaos also forged a string bond with Naga Kai and merged itself with him forming Total Chaos, the physical personification of chaos itself.


After the defeat of Master Agamemnus, the chaos re-merged with Naga Kai once again forming Total Chaos in an attempt to devour the Solari Ultra Weapon X3, however Kai was mortally wounded in the process and the chaos' natural powers began to wane and run weak and before fading out of existence, it destroyed the Empryean Crystal; the source of all Power Scouts, Sentries, and Centurions everywhere rendering everyone normalized, and effectively banishing the Star Droids/Vimana from being summoned.


The after effects of the destruction of the Empryean Crystal and the chaos resulted in a completely neutral earth; with no super-powered evils to conquer it or saintly heroes to defend it, earth was truly a normalized human world where humans were the only source of good and evil. One major effect of the cataclysm of the crystal's destruction led to every living being on the planet becoming capable of using magic if they couldn't already, however with the crystal gone the Power Scouts remain unable to morph or call upon their Vimana Star Droids.

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