That Time Of The Month

THAT time of the month is the first episode of the second season of Maulie and friends, and the sixth episode overall.


Cover Details

The cover oddly enough features Episode 5's antagonist, Cassi complaining about not getting a centerfold in Playboy magazine and having to settle for Maulie and Friends instead.

The Cover headlines feature Ishpoo's head exclaiming "Ewok friendly" and the phrase "G-String Maestros beware!"

Featured Characters


The episode opens up with Maul in "Hellywood" being toured by the Devil herself. Because he is a sith, Maul's version of hell is a brightly colored, happy place filled with cute smiling Disney-like characters. The Devil asks Maul why she brought him there and he assumes because she is a sadist.


Next Padme is taking a bubble bath when the Ewoks, Ishpoo and Ishpee peep on Padme while she sings "Take my breath away" in the tub. Ishpoo falls into the tub and she screams for him to get out, but later asks him how much he saw. When Ishpoo answers, "EVERYTHING!" with a big grin she shrieks at him to get out. Padme then reminiscences the time she "saved" Maul from Obi Wan, after having been bifurcated by the latter. Padme swiftly kicked Obi Wan in the groin and later showed Maul and her at the wedding ceremony where it was revealed that Maul was forced to marry Padme at lightsaber point. Padme begins to wonder if she looks attractive enough and if that is the reason for Maul's betrayal.

Back in hell, Maul is confronted by a pink stuffed elephant much to the Devil's amusement. Meanwhile Palpy climbs out of bed in his bra and panties and comments how his "milk duds" are drooping. He ponders what to wear when his CommBra begins beeping and receives a visual message from Miss Ani via CommBra. Ani affirms that the "plans" are underway causing Palpy to giggle like a schoolgirl and Ani corrects him stating that he said "underway" and not "underwear". After the transmission ends, Palpy comments on how Ani acts like a female so well that he forgets that he is not a she.

Miss Ani initiates his Pink Platypus Pansy Power Ranger powersuit and boards the Big Boy 2004. He then summons his fellow "Luv-luv" agents; Michael Jackson, Rosie O' Donnell, Bob Dole, and Jason Alexander/George Costanza. After everyone has fully transformed they each summon their respective zords; Carrot, Refrigerator, Republican Mascot, and Unpopular Rug, after which all of the zords lock into each other making one giant mega-pansy zord. Palpy rushes up into the Republican Mascot zord wearing a ball gown and commands the team at the helm.

Next the mega pansy zord arrives in front of Maul's place and lifts the trailer off of the ground, violently shaking it and demanding Maul to come outside. Padme greets the Luv Luv rangers with a gatling gun and calls Ani a "dirty little shemale". Miss Ani departs from the cockpit and begins giving Padme orders in Valspeak only for Padme to assault him with an activated lightsaber.


Later Maul is threatened and provoked by the Devil who assures him that he cannot resist her power revealing a demonic face. Maul unimpressed with the effect asks if it was intended to scare him or make him laugh. The Devil then shapeshifts into a creepy smiley-faced teddy bear and demands a hug from Maul. Maul falls out of bed and wonders if it was all a dream and asks aloud if Padme is okay and the Devil claims that she won't be for long. The Mega Pansy Zord tears the roof of the trailer off and scans the occupants, causing Padme to slash at it with a lightsaber. Maul apologizes to Padme for seeing Cassi and opts to save her from Ani by activating his double-bladed lightsaber and slicing the Mega Pansy Zord in half. At the end Ani is stuck in a tree and is subsequently shot in the butt by Obi Wan with a tranquilizer dart, and dragged away claiming that he will be the dominate one now.


Padme and Maul embrace in the flames and wreckage of the trailer and Padme removes her bikini top and bottom much to Maul's delight and surprise and thanks him for everything.

2012 Remaster

The entire Padme-Maul-Cassi triangle arc as well as the Miss Ani/Leopold-revenge arc will be accumulated into one long comic book, a re-envisioned remake of the original.

Changes from the 2004 original

Since Maulie and Friends has always relied heavily on popular culture, much of the original 2004 comic had to be edited for the 2012 version to be current and some portions were edited out entirely. Michael Jackson's character was removed entirely and replaced with singer Adele out of respect, in fact all of the Luv Luv Rangers were changed save for Miss Ani and Palpy and Corey Feldman appears as 2012 edition exclusive wielding the power of Michael Jackson's sparkly glove and dance moves. Paris Hilton was considered as a possible replacement Luv Luv Ranger but was not included because she was not considered "current". Republican Bob Dole was replaced with both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and Jason Alexander/George Costanza will be replaced with Bruce Vilanch.

The Rita Repulsa space villainess was changed from being Roseanne to a unique parody of the original character. The new 2012 remake will also include additional scenes with Cassi in the new comic as well include Sailor Scouts, Pineapple, Estrada, Ani, and Palpy as were originally alluded on the Episode 8 cover but however did not appear. Kandi the sith witch will also appear during the new remake.

Other changes/inclusions to the remake are: an appearance by Lady Gaga, and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII will appear in gestalt mode. Boa Hancock, Mei Terumi, and Motoko Kusanagi from One Piece, Naruto and Ghost in the Shell will appear to tempt Maul further. In the 2012 remake Miss Ani seeks help from a group of super villains known as the Sanctum of Evil, seeking help from Jack Of Blades, Ganondorf, and Sosuke Aizen (citing the latter as being the greatest troll in history) in order to defeat Maul.



  • The entire giant robot and costumed hero theme is taken from Voltron and Power Rangers.
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