Tabitha Meyers

"A Veery Feesty Buritish woman!" - Toshi to Tabitha

Tabitha Meyers
Alias None
Date of Birth March 19
Star Sign Pisces
Age 34
Race Human
Nationality British-American
Hometown Manchester (ENG)
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Status Alive
Likes Donatello Slick Fontleroy
Hates Big Daddy Vickers Saul Carmichael
No. Appearances 4
First Seen "Tabitha and Toshi"
Last Seen "Bingo!"

Tabitha Meyers is a shrewd businesswoman and the CEO of the Lightning Rod Conglomerate, originally from Manchester England. Tabitha makes her first appearance in Episode 5 "Tabitha and Toshi" where she interviews him for a company driver position. She was a former colleague of Saul Carmichael, but feigns knowing this while interviewing Toshi for the position of a company driver. Tabitha's plan is to take over all of the major corporations of the world and propose a world-wide monopoly, this enacting universal utilities, power, and entertainment taxes from all countries around the world as well effectively making her the ruler of the world. She uses her assassin and lover; Donatello Slick to cover much of the groundwork for her schemes, such as assassination, blackmail, bribery, etc. Her intentions with Toshi are to use him in order to obtain information from the Carmichael company, a fact that Saul is already aware of and is counting on all the while unbewknowst to Tabitha. Her major rivals are Saul Carmichael and Big Daddy Vickers, the only other corporations to hold their own utilities in the district. Tabitha has used Slick on numerous occasions to try and pressure Saul into selling his company to Meyers, however he has casually rejected each offer. She apparently has a "mole" working for Big Daddy Vickers who is bringing the company down from the inside, which will hopefully force Vickers to hand control over to Meyers.

Tabitha has an odd habit of referring to the earth as the "globe", she and Slick are also the only ones who have avoided detection by the Studio Audience by going online.


Tabitha originally worked for Rod Foudre as a lead developer for the Lightning-Rod Conglomerate during the late nineteen-nineties, with Saul Carmichael as her lab partner. The two were tasked with developing new ways of marketing to wider audience while cutting back on production costs. Tabitha had a disagreement with one of Saul's projects and the two had a falling-out, which ultimately led to him abruptly quitting and forsaking a majority of his projects.

By fall 2002 Tabitha had been named the new CEO of the Lightning-Rod Conglomerate by then-CEO Rod Foudre shortly before he died. Immediately with her new position of power she exercised more aggressive tactics when dealing with smaller rival corporations and would go to great lengths in order to "buyout" rival corporations whom she deemed a threat, often employing Donatello Slick to make ends meet.

Motives and Personal Goals

If it wasn't obvious from her first appearance Tabitha's sole aspiration is to own all of the world's powers, effectively making her the undisputed ruler of the world. From 2002 and onward the Lightning-Rod Conglomerate would take a drastically different approach towards marketing and sales, first of all they became much more aggressive in their dealings with smaller rival corporations and would start putting them all out of business at a much more expedient rate. Second, rather than focus on gimmick marketing Tabitha desired to cash-in on a world-wide monopoly of powers such as assimilating all of the local and international electric and power companies so as to impose world-wide tax hikes and service fees, as well as buying out several hundred acres of rainforest in South America as well as a majority of the mills left in North-America and imposing more restrictions and monopolies on paper and paper-related products and materials. Lastly as if Tabitha's hunger for power could not have gotten any worse, through unreleased documents it seems that she would eventually have introduced an oxygen and water tax, as well as a birth (spatial-inconvenience) tax once at least 70% of the world's power was under her control.

Tabitha's Avatar.
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