Tabitha Meets Slick

"I think you know what we should do"

Tabitha Meets Slick is the Eighth Episode of the Reality Life (Web) Series. Tabitha and Slick meet up in the Cyberworld - description.

Tabitha Meets Slick
Episode No. 8
Runtime 00:00:52
Release Date 05/10/2010 (original) 03/17/2017 (re-up)
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Next "Slick Meets With Scott"



Episode Tie-Ins

Creator's Notes

  • In the original edit of this episode (05/10/2010) you can hear a laugh track at the climax, meaning that the Studio Audience is present, however since they are technically online in "Cyber World" they should be shielded from the studio audience, this was in fact a creator oversight that was not noticed until after post-editing had been completed. This faux-pas was corrected in the edited re-upload of the same video on March 16, 2017.

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