Tabitha And Toshi

"Saul Carmichael, a former employee trying to sabotage my little web from the inside? He has no idea with whom he is dealing with."

Tabitha and Toshi is the Fifth Episode of the Reality Life (Web) series. Toshi meets with Tabitha Meyers, the chief executive of a powerful conglomerate - description.

Tabitha and Toshi
Episode No. 5
Runtime 00:02:05
Release Date 06/11/2010
Previous "The Other Night"
Next "The Donatello Slick Show"


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The episode opens with Tabitha interviewing Toshi for a position as a company driver. During the course of the interview Toshi confuses the words office for "orifice". After glossing over Toshi's history with Saul Carmichael, Tabitha tells him she will let him know when he can start (presumably hiring him). In an open monologue (unaware that Toshi is still in the room), she reveals that she is aware of Saul trying to use his own employees as informants in order to gather intel on her only to be startled by Toshi commenting that she is a "veeery feesty Buritishu-woman!" to which Tabitha asks why he has not left yet and he explains how he forgot his hat much to Tabitha's obvious frustration.

Episode Tie-ins

The episode is preceded by Episode 4 "The Other Night" and immediately followed-up by Episode 6 "The Donatello Slick Show", this particular episode however is important for two reasons; first because it introduces us to Tabitha Meyers and also establishes her as an antagonist.

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