Studio Audience

"You can hear them can't you? They're all around us man, laughing; judging us, ridiculing us. We never see them but we know they're there." - Presto talking to Scott about the Studio Audience.

The Studio Audience is a paranormal phenomena occuring in the world. Their existence is omnipresent and they have access to everyone's actions twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. The studio audience while usually easy to please and almost always laughs at even the poorest jokes will not hesitate to boo or hiss an unliked character.


The people of the earth are characters in the eyes of the studio audience, while "online" (in the real world) the studio audience can see and hear everything that they do and will not hesitate to support a favorite character (even an antagonistic person like Scott Connors received laughs from the audience). Cynthia and Donatello Slick are some of the audience's favorite characters, however Saul Carmichael, Toshi, and Tabitha Meyers have also generated a large reaction from the audience by the end of their respective "skits", which could simply mean that the studio audience really is easy to please.


It is unclear where the studio audience originates from, it is possible that they are natives of the same realm as Odd Voice as they are heard cheering and applauding it during "Scott's Final Fate" and they could possibly lesser lifeforms incapable of manifesting a body like Odd Voice.

Omipresent Existence

The studio audience is capable of watching the inhabitants of the world as if they were guests at a live filming of a Television Show. In any place during any circumstance the studio audience is shown to also be present in some shape or form, except for when "online" or in Cyber World; a method Tabitha Meyers and Donatello Slick developed in order to keep their secret rendezvous unseen and unheard by everyone including the studio audience as they were not heard throughout the entire segment.

It should also be noted that the Studio Audience was not present or heard during the events of "Bingo!" the final episode of Season 1, which could be due to Odd Voice's presence in the real world or that Tabitha herself has found a way to block them out.

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