Race Breton
Class Bartender
Location Drunken Horse Inn
Appears In Haafstad and the Border of Highrock

Stendar is a Breton Inn Keeper of the Drunken Horse in Pinemarch, and appears in the Haafstad and the Border of Highrock mod. He gives you the quest "A Touch of Oblivion".

A Touch of Oblivion

Stendar will inform the Dragonborn that he and his co-worker Elina discovered a strange trapdoor under one of the beds in the Inn. They opened it up and explored it discovering that it was the ruins of a long-forgotten castle, and was infested with monsters. Stendar and Elina tried to escape but Elina was overtaken and held prisoner by the creatures, while Stendar fled back up into the tavern. At the end of the quest the Dragonborn will have the opportunity to report back to Stendar of Elina's fate, he is sad but is grateful to have at least survived the ordeal.


  • Stendar can be seen filling what appears to be an invisible tankard up with mead, when questioned by the Dragonborn he will claim to be practicing a unique spell and that he is a magician.


  • "I am going to do that but first… (pours mug)"
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