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Characters in Hellbound

Jack Dennison
Rita Shepard
Nick Bradford
Rico Conrad
Jules Eckhart
Glenn Raynor
Emil Bravo
Gideon Morrow
Julia Winstead
Isabelle Castro
Alex Myong
First Soul
Natalia Leone
Tricia Stravinsky
Sharon Dennison
Pauline Lockhart
Gale Erickson
Yuri Karlov
Diana Rayner
Blake Meyers
Caleb Monroe
Joaquin Petrovich

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Featured Article: [ Gloria Stephensonsen]

Gloria Stephensonsen (nee. Llewellyn) is a main character from Weeds in the basement. She resides in the fictional cul-de-sac of Townhill in Knotsburg, presumably located in either California or Texas (or both). Gloria is a working wife and mother of three, she is also an avid fundamentalist atheist and usually protests peaceful church communions often unprovoked, and will often at times go to militiristic lengths to execute a plan.

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