Stan Stephensonsen

Staniel Alexis Stephensonsen (b. 1953 [58] Los Angeles, California) is a successful businessman and heir-aparent to the Stephensonsen Fortune. He is the son of Roy and Agnes Stephensonsen and the husband of Gloria Stephensonsen, he fathered three children; Angela, and the twins Paul and John.

Early Life

Stan graduated from the Snyde Prepatory Academy in 1971, the same private school that his father attended.


Weeds in the Basement
Stan is not present during the 1994 Thanksgiving get together as he was celebrating the holiday with his Secret other family.
Weeds in the Garden
Stan appears sleeping on the porch of the Stephensonsen house, acting as a guard dog for Gloria. He is abducted by Belinda Von Hammer at the behest of Alessandra Estaire for being "messed up". He also mistakes the Yamamoto Twins as being the "Yamashita Sisters" and results in shin-beatings for everyone in the attic.

The Prettiest Weed
Stan features more heavily in the Prettiest Weed having found Eileen and Ben Dover's story suspicious and makes a high-picthed screech to alert the family of an outsider. He, along with Gloria, and Angela are imprisoned in the attice while the Dovers attempt to steal and sell their home to strangers, however they are mistakenly arrested when the Dovers lie to the Police. Pierre Hawkins saves the day when he subdues and detains the Dovers and explains the situation to the police. Stan's secret other wife also makes an appearance at the end of the exposition and has a brief confrontation with Gloria.


Stan's working life is never mentioned, however it is implied that because his family is wealthy that he does not need to work, however during his adolescence he worked as an intern for the Lutz, Haffe, & Mooredick lawfirm, so he maybe a lawyer or a private consultant. He claims to spend free weekends helping out less fortunate families afflicted with mental illness, but these are the same lies he used to persuade Gloria/Sheila that he was not cheating on them.

Religious Views

None, but supports Gloria's atheist views.

Political Views

Likes money


Stan is a unique character with a one-of-a kind personality complete with flaws and strengths. Stan is also quite eccentric, as shown in Weeds in the Garden when he is found by Marcia Katz to be asleep on the front doorstep - acting as a watchdog for the Stephensonsen Residence. Later in Interview with the Gardener before their divorce, Stan and Gloria argue and he brings up the fact that he used to enjoy sleeping on the front porch until she made it a "chore". He is also found doing strange things like emitting a high-pitched screech as like the pod people from the Bodysnatchers movie in The Prettiest Weed.


While Stan is still alive circa 2011 he dies in the 2029 timeskip reveal due to a car crash at the age of 76, most likely due to him driving with some kind of physical impairment (blindness most likely).


*Roy Stephensonsen (Father)
*Agnes Stephensonsen (Mother)
*Sheila Stephensonsen (Wife/Secre Other Family)
*Hank McClure (Father-in-law/Secret other family)
*Martha McClure (Mother-in-law/Secret other family)
*Dillon McClure (Brother-in-law/Secret other family)
*Sandy McClure (Sister-in-law/Secret other family)
*Bradley Minnow (Stepson/Secret other family)
*Tabitha Minnow (Stepdaughter/Secret other family)
*Gloria Stephensonsen (Ex-Wife)
*Broderick Llewellyn (Father-in-law)
*Lorraine Llewellyn (Mother-in-law)
*Daniel Stephensonsen (Brother)+
*Nathan Stephensonsen (Nephew)
*Angela Stephensonsen (Daughter)
*Paul Stephensonsen (Son)
*John Stephensonsen (Son)
*Pierre Hawkins (Son-in-law)
*David Stephensonsen (Grandson)
*Seth Stephensonsen (Grandson)
*Mary Stephensonsen (Adopted Granddaughter)
*Wednesday Stephensonsen (Grandson)
*Marcia Katz (Sister-in-law)* (Unaware)
*Todd Katz (Nephew)*
*Crystie Katz (Niece)*
*Bill Katz (Nephew)*
*Sue Katz (Niece/Nephew)*
*Reese Katz (Nephew)+
*Friday Hawkins (Grandnephew)*
*Saturday Hawkins (Grandnephew)*
*Sunday Hawkins (Grandniece)*
*Wednesday Hawkins (Grandniece)*

  • The Facts of Weeds official character and data ebook reveals Stans full name to be: "Staniel Alexis Dermot Elias Stephensonsen".
  • While it is known that he will die in 2029, it is revealed via the facts of weeds that he dies while chasing a car on the freeway, a fact most likely covered up by his new wife Sheila.
  • The Databook also reveals that he had a third secret other family, the Hendersons, and a fourth as well; the Sakimotos.
  • Stan's strange scream is a callback to the 1978 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this was also parodied on an episode of Futurama.
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