Skeleton Guardian
Skeleton Guardian
Health 210
Class Skeleton
Location Abandoned Shipwreck, Old Fort
Drops Bone Meal, Hand Bones, Leg Bone, any equipment
Appears In Haafstad & Nyhus

Skeleton Guardians are powerful melee fighters that can be encountered at the Abandoned Shipwreck in Haafstad, and at the Old Fort in Nyhus. They usually attack in groups of other Skeleton Guardians as well as weaker skeleton archers. They drop an assortment of bones as well as any armor or weapons that they had equipped when killed. Skeelton Guardians appear in the Haafstad and the Border of Highrock as well as the Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil mods.

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In Haafstad Mod the Skeleton Guardians are first and only ever encountered at the Abandoned Shipwreck during the quest "Clear out the Abandoned Shipwreck", having apparently been raised by the Breton necromancer Tyrus.

In Nyhus mod, a large squadron of Skeleton Guardians and lesser-skeleton archers appear at the Old Fort alongside a pack of Zombie Wolves.

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