Scott Connors
Scott Connors
Alias The Deadman
Date of Birth February 1977
Star Sign TBA
Age 34
Race Human
Nationality Canadian
Hometown New Brunswick (CAN)
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Status Deceased
Likes Cynthia
Hates Donatello Slick
No. Appearances 3
First Seen "The Other Night"
Last Seen "Scott's Final Fate"
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Scott Connors was a Canadian drug dealer and addict. Hailing from New Brunswick, at the age of 3 he established a trade in selling cheaply pasted together flip-flop sandals to overzealous quebeckers over the phone. At the age of 5 he had developed an interest in medical marijuana and was banned from at least five free clinics in the Toronto area. By the age of 15 Scott had been arrested several times for unlawful possession and suspicion of being in a chop-shop gang based out of Montreal, he was eventually deported to America at some point.

Eventually Scott met Cynthia and the two moved in together, Scott knew that she was self-conscious because men would not date her and used this against her by calling her a skank and telling her to go sell her "cheap ass out on the street", but despite all of the verbal abuse Cynthia stayed by Scott. Sott eventually became associated with Tabitha Meyers through a Frenchman named Donatello Slick, it's unknown exactly what kind of relationship he had with Tabitha's group but was most likely concerning the buying and selling of illegal firearms and drugs.

On the night of "Slick's Talkshow" Scott meets with Slick one last time where he is informed that his services won't be needed anymore and is shot. Later Scott appears in what he believes to be "hell" and is greeted by Odd Voice in a talk show-like environment very similar to the Slick Show. Scott was also friends with a man named Presto who went missing years earlier, who was also a drug dealer and addict and suspected an unseen collective of eyes peering into his everyday life.

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