Saul Carmichael
Saul Carmichael
Alias None
Date of Birth January 4
Star Sign Aquarius
Age 36
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown Seattle, WA
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Status Alive
Likes Toshi Rory
Hates Donatello Slick Tabitha Meyers
No. Appearances 6
First Seen "Saul and Toshi"
Last Seen "Mission Specs"

Saul Carmichael is an independent businessman who used to work with Tabitha Meyers and at some point left the company (presumably under bad terms), and is now seeking ways of infiltrating her corporation in order to bring it down from the inside, which coincidentally is what Tabitha has been trying to do to Saul as well.


Saul is married to a woman named Rory, however even though they live together they act more like roommates than an actual couple. His right hand man is Toshi; a Japanese-immigrant who is an expert mechanic and accompanies Saul on all of his appointments. He is acquainted with Cynthia who lives in the same building as he, and sold her a ticket to see Donatello Slick live (despite wanting to see her for other reasons). He has met with Slick on a few occasions, one of which was supposed to be at a live taping of his talk show and the other was at his condominium sauna where they talked over terms.

Personality-wise Saul is very cynical, self-serving, calculating and insensitive towards others to a degree (making derogatory if not slightly racist references to Toshi, constantly referring to Jeanine as "Jillian" and "Joanna", and charging his wife's best friend, Cynthia for late show tickets that he himself got for free).

Saul Corp vs the Lightning-Rod Econo Merger

The story begins less than five years prior to the "Reality Life (Web)" movie. Saul was working with Tabitha Meyers on several business projects for the Lightning Rod Conglomerate, however after a falling out between the two of them he quit and parted-ways with the company on bad terms.

Flash-forward five years later (2010 - 2011 at the time) and Saul Carmichael is the head of his own fledgling corporation called "Saul Company", whose purpose at the moment is still unclear. Tabitha has now risen to the rank of CEO of the now multi-corporate Lightning-Rod Conglomeration, and wishes to find out how and remove any links between them and Saul Company especially any abandoned projects that Saul had commissioned while working with Tabitha that she may have misappropriated and taken credit for.

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