Realitylife Web Characters

Season 1

  • Saul Carmichael -an ambitious man who once worked for Tabitha and is now trying to launch his own fledgling company into prosperity.
  • Toshi -Saul's right-hand man, Toshi is a Japanese-extract who understands English but speaks very poor English.
  • Rory -Saul's "fiance", she is very short-tempered and does not put up with most of Saul's antics
  • Jeanine
  • Tabitha Meyers -A ruthless CEO of a powerful conglomerate, she aspires to control all of the major businesses of the world so that she may impose a worldwide monopoly.
  • Donatello Slick -A famous bounty hunter and Talk Show host, he is also Tabitha's right hand man and secret lover.
  • Cynthia -Cynthia is a care-free woman who unfortunately resembles a burly man.
  • Scott Connors
  • Rita Granger
  • Will Hayner
  • Rebecca - Toshi's date
  • Big Daddy Vickers
  • Fontleroy - Big Daddy's assistant
  • Odd Voice -A mysterious force from another dimension, not much is known about it's intentions.
  • Studio Audience

Season 2

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