Reality Life (Web)

Reality Life (Web Series) is an online series of episodes revolving around three rival corporations and a plan to control them all.


The series was created to be an animated version of the comic strip of the same name


The series debuted on May 1, 2010 with initial airing of Slick's Talk Show (known as "Reality Life" on Youtube) and continued to make nineteen more episodes bringing the total episode count to 20. See Episodes.


As of May 8, 2010 no new episodes have been produced, however the series has picked up again in it's original format as a web comic strip.


See RealityLife (Web) Characters

  • Saul Carmichael -an ambitious man who once worked for Tabitha and is now trying to launch his own fledgling company into prosperity.
  • Toshi -Saul's right-hand man, Toshi is a Japanese-extract who understands English but speaks very poor English.
  • Rory -Saul's "fiance", she is very short-tempered and does not put up with most of Saul's antics
  • Jeanine
  • Tabitha Meyers -A ruthless CEO of a powerful conglomerate, she aspires to control all of the major businesses of the world so that she may impose a worldwide monopoly.
  • Donatello Slick -A famous bounty hunter and Talk Show host, he is also Tabitha's right hand man and secret lover.
  • Cynthia -Cynthia is a care-free woman who unfortunately resembles a burly man.
  • Scott Connors
  • Presto
  • Rita Granger
  • Will Hayner
  • Rebecca - Toshi's date
  • Big Daddy Vickers
  • Fontleroy - Big Daddy's assistant
  • Odd Voice -A mysterious force from another dimension, not much is known about it's intentions.
  • Studio Audience


  1. Saul and Toshi
  2. Midnight at Saul's
  3. Saul Deals with Cynthia
  4. The Other Night
  5. Tabitha and Toshi
  6. The Donatello Slick Show
  7. Saul Interviews Jeanine
  8. Tabitha Meets Slick
  9. Slick Meets with Scott
  10. Rory and Cynthia
  11. Slick and Tabitha's Affair
  12. Scott's Final Fate
  13. The Catch 22
  14. Life of a Drugsalesman
  15. Cynthia's Visit
  16. Toshi's Date
  17. BBC Merger Report
  18. Big Daddy Vickers
  19. Mission Specs
  20. Bingo!


There had been plans to piece the 20 mini episodes of Reality Life into a feature length film, however with several computer crashes, the loss of Xtranormal services and the subsequent loss of the raw .mp4 files the project was placed on indefinite hold until March 2017 where it was finally released as 30 minute short film.


Reality Life takes place primarily in the Seattle area of Washington, however some bits do take place across the pond such as the BBC World News Segments and segments featuring Tabitha Meyers (who resides in Toronto, Canada).


The film opens with Saul Carmichael and his assistant Toshi speaking in the parking lot of Saul's condominium complex. Saul expresses disgust with Toshi's driving by mentioning that he has been "puking his guts up for six hours" and reminds Toshi who the boss is. Later Saul goes home to find an upset Rory already waiting for him, they get into an argument and she declares that he will be sleeping on the couch.

Next we find Saul in the condo's spa having an impromptu meeting with Donatello Slick, a famous talk show host who in reality is a hitman and underworld pusher. Slick attempts to appeal to Saul's good side by paying him compliments and explaining that they (Tabitha) want to set aside their differences and come to an agreement. Hesitant, Saul states that he will consider it while Slick presents him with two free tickets to appear on his talk show in an attempt to publicly pressure Saul into signing over the Saul Corporation assets over to Tabitha. Saul however winds up selling the free tickets to Cynthia, an avid Slick fan and admirer who is unaware of his criminal behavior and shady dealings.

Cynthia gets into an argument with her abusive and drug-addicted boyfriend, Scott Connors that culminates in him diving out the window of their second story apartment. Later Cynthia goes over to the Carmichael residence to confide in her friend Rory, whom she reveals to that Scott was no ordinary drug dealer but was in fact at one point her therapist and only used to get mildly violent whenever he "tripped out".

There is a "BBC World News" report about a potential multi-company merger, which is actually propaganda rumor that Tabitha herself put forward in order to scare her competitors (Saul and Big Daddy Vickers) into preemptively surrendering to her. The rumored merger is also merely a symptom of a much larger issue of a planned "hostile takeover" of all major competitors including but not limited to BV Inc and Saul Corporation. Tabitha meets with Slick via cyberspace using robotic avatars, and are presumably protected from the influence of the studio audience and other entities. Tabitha inquires from Slick when he is to meet with Scott Connors, a local drug dealer and all around deadbeat. Slick affirms that the meeting will be soon and that he will meet her in person shortly afterward to celebrate.

Later Scott meets with Donatello Slick in a vacant underground parking facility presumably to make a drug transaction, however Slick shoots Scott killing him and Slick flees the scene. Not long afterward, Scott reappears on the set of the "Slick Show", with a half-naked entity wearing only sunglasses and speaking in a bizarre childish voice confirms that Scott has indeed died and gone to hell.

Prompted by Tabitha's out of the blue "generosity", Saul sends his right-hand man Toshi to Tabitha's corporate office in order to get a job as a driver, which is merely a ruse in order to gain access to sensitive information and learn more about the rumored multi-corp merger. He also has a meeting with a young collegiate named Jeannine; a woman with a peculiar yet otherwise unrevealed talent (that is implied to either be voice impression/mimicry or physical shapeshifting). Saul later meets with Jeannine in a parking lot and discusses the "mission specs", after having hired her to pose as Tabitha Meyers in order to infiltrate the building and get access to restricted files and documents.

Later Tabitha meets with Slick at her penthouse and the two discuss their respective successes and failures, with Slick mentioning that he was not successful in getting Saul Carmichael to appear live on TV, which means they were unable to publicly pressure him into signing over company assets via the 'studio audience'. Tabitha mentions she had hired Toshi as a driver and professes that she knows he is seeking work with her in order to gain access to her secret files, however she believes that she can use him to her advantage by learning secrets about Saul Corporation. After Slick leaves, Tabitha is visited by an otherworldly entity known only as "Oddvoice" who reassures Tabitha to stick with her plans, unbeknownst to her that it has an agenda of taking over her mind and body so that it can permanently reside in the Reality World.

Cut Content

Because of Xtranormal's descent into obsolesence, the series was stopped at twenty, ending at episode "Bingo!" It should be noted that the series was intended to last much longer, however complications arose when Xtranormal began charging for users to publish their movies, and plans were further complicated when Xtranormal was bought out and subsequently re-branded as an educational tool.

It is known that in a second season that Slick would have died or been dead (as a consequence of the first season), a big secret about Toshi's "true identity" would have been revealed, Tabitha would have "killed herself" by uploading her consciousness into the mainframe and frying her physical body in order to prevent Oddvoice from inhabiting it and taking control of the company. Cynthia would have taken over Slick's talk show and would become a ratings success and an instant star over night, she also would have communicated with her dead ex-boyfriend/therapist Scott through a magic 8-ball. Jeannine would have assumed Tabitha's identity in order to maintain the status quo and to keep the competitors from knowing what was going on. Tabitha would more or less become Saul's personal assistant ala "Cortana", since he would have had full control over the Lightning Rod Conglomerate.

More about the Studio Audience would have been revealed, which would state that they are a hivemind; a mass of non-linear demonic entropy that exists for the sole purpose of being entertained and cannot fathom anything beyond simple canned laughter.

A new character named "Alex Nikos" would have been introduced as a foil to Saul Carmichael, his goal being to investigate the legality of the Lightning Rod/Multi-Corp. Merger and dole out prison sentences to those who were found guilty of high collar crime. Another new character named "Trenda" (a play on the word "trendy" and the name "Brenda") would have been Cynthia's co-host/assistant and would have acted as an "Ed McMahon" type of character, laughing at Cynthia's jokes and constantly complimenting her ideas. The subject of Trenda's gender would have also popped up as no one would be able to tell whether Trenda was a he or a she. Also Rory would have had an affair with and would have left Saul for Alex Nikos, while Saul became enamored with a rival emissary/agent named Crystal Chambers, who worked for an unknown corporation.

There was also to be a "cop" character who was intended to have been working on the murder case of Scott Connors, and had suspected Donatello Slick but could not act without sufficient proof. He was not implemented into the final produced because of complications with Xtranormal (they had began charging for their services) and because the creator had forgotten about him.

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